Senior Workers: The Solution to the Great Resignation and Hiring Woes

By now, you must know how The Great Resignation is taking over the American labor situation, and it has only just begun. 

As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statics, more than 4 million Americans have quit their job in July 2021. In addition, the numbers are only increasing. With this stressful work situation and the Great Resignation on the raise, 10.9 million open jobs are ready to take some people in. 

There are a good number of logical factors that are driving “The Great Resignation”. However, this career shift is heavily affecting the mind of mid-career employees. Employees between the ages of 30 and 45 are having a hard time adjusting to strict office requirements and are the source of increasing resignation rates. With this, it is obvious that resignation rates are higher in younger employees, and employers are not capable of catering to their demands. 

So, what is the answer to this huge labor shortage, and how employers can retain people in the face of this mega resignation chain?

The answer is simple – hire senior workers. Despite millions and Gen Z showing their utmost concerns about the current work scenario, mature workers are the only option left for employers to bring stability back for their businesses. There should not be a doubt in the fact that mature workers bring unmatchable expertise and wisdom to the position, and in such a crisis, a stable and diligent worker is what every company needs. 

There are many companies reluctant to hire senior workers. And the reason is that older-aged employees are less flexible in adapting to technology and the new way of doing things. In our opinion, taking out some time to train senior employees with the basics of modern-day technology would not harm companies. Even if your company is working remotely, like many others, introducing stable internet service such as Spectrum is the least an employer can do to help the senior workers. Rest, with Spectrum Chat support senior workers can get their queries solved at the earliest. 

Among many reasons, the following are some more to hire senior employees. 

They Are Happy Where They Are

Unlike younger employees, mature employees are not competing in a race. They have played their part in climbing the ladders long ago and now they will leave one job quickly to land on another one! Studies have shown that senior employees stick with their employers for a longer time than their younger counterparts.

If your company, like many others, is at the edge of collapsing because of increasing resignation and workplace instability then hiring mature workers is your solution. They will not only stick with you for a longer time but with their wisdom, you can step away from the rumbling workplace crisis.

They Are Problem Solvers

Before the internet, people used their experience to find a solution for themselves and others. Instead of taking the wisdom for granted, senior and mature employees can help your company deal with growing business concerns and the challenges that have come with the elongated pandemic lifestyle.

Their Soft Skills Are Superior

Texts and email are good, but have you practiced cracking a meaningful conversation with good eye contact and engaging face-to-face interaction? Well, your senior workers have been doing that for ages and their generation has a lot of knowledge of interpersonal communication.

Time to Find Senior Workers

Finding mature and well-seasoned employees should not be difficult. All you need to do is put out the word on platforms like LinkedIn or use the old-school word of mouth strategy to land on senior employees. Position the job as a consulting role for senior workers and filter out applications to find the best fit for the role.

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