Should You Get Your App Rewritten From Scratch: Pros and Cons

and Cons

There’s a lot of thought behind rewriting an app from scratch. At times, developers tend to reuse bits of the old code to make a new one.

Before digging into the process, one should know the pros and cons that follow this tedious task.

Through this article, we will attempt to clarify those queries and help you make up your mind for the next step to be taken.

Cons of Rewriting an App 

Impact on Your Visibility in Market

Time is the biggest asset of any project. Rewriting an app from scratch will require a lot of time as many issues are bound to resurface during the process. 

This will, in turn, affect your position in the competitive business scenario. Your competitors will put this extra window of time to their use. 

Extra Pressure Due to Increasing Expectations

The announcement of an app being rewritten is bound to raise the expectations of your stakeholders – be it the design, the overall functionality, addition of new features, etc., concerned parties will have an eye out on this project.

It’s up to you to fashion out a result worth the wait, and that requires a lot of commitment and hard work.

Bug Fixing Needs to be Reimplemented

All the effort put in by the developers in the previous run will go to waste, and they will have to rewrite a new set of protocols to counter the bugs. 

Revised updates would have improved the system and made it more secure than ever. Now, you’ll have to wait for system-specific bugs to show up first. This would require multiple reruns of the app and, therefore, be a more time-consuming activity.

Pros of Rewriting an App

Easy Adaptation to New Technologies

With the app being rewritten completely, you don’t have to make compromises or adjust your pre-existing code. Cutting-edge features can be added without any hindrance. 

This will also allow you the chance to employ a new team of developers if needed. With their expertise and knowledge on the latest trends in the market, your app will be up and running in no time while keeping up with the new advancements.

New UI/UX Design

Your app’s design layout can be redone in a fashion that it’s not only visually attractive but also improves the user experience by keeping their convenience and simplicity at its forefront. The easier the app is to surf through, the better their experience. 

Past Experience Will be a Guiding Force

The old app structure and its development might have left a bitter taste in your mouth about some aspects. This is your opportunity to right those wrongs.

You can survey the market for more options and hire a better app development company than last to avoid your past mistakes.


Rewriting an app may not always be a favorable decision. You must consider both sides of the coin to conclude. If you do end up deciding upon remaking the entire app, then it’s your lucky day.

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