Why are cosmetics so important?

Ask the above question to a guy and he’d say “nah…it’s just made up!” Ask this question to a husband or a boyfriend, they would all reply in unison “it is the most time-consuming part of ‘her’ getting ready!” lol! Relatable much?

Well, yes makeup and any sort of cosmetics for that matter is super time-consuming but there is something called ‘high-maintenance’ darling! And those are the exact kind of people who can afford all the time in the world to make their makeup look flawless.

Cosmetics and cosmetic stores have existed since centuries. It was then, when cosmetics were available only for the elite class. Mechanisms and resources were still in discovery, hence the ingredients that were used in cosmetics centuries ago included everything from fruit and vegetable colors to crushed beetles and animal fats.

Cosmetics became a major part of beauty when the elite class ladies made it a point to use colors on their faces to enhance their facial features along with royal hair styles and layered gowns.

As times went by, cosmetic stores gradually became a necessity trip for women regardless of age or class. In India, the most important element in cosmetic has always been kajal as far as history goes. 

Now, when kajal was mentioned, you might have imagined your fancy twister pencil that you just bought from a cosmetic shop; but kajal wasn’t always so fancy. Kajal was initially made from a burning earthen lamp with a cloth wig and ghee. An upside-down earthen lamp would be placed on the flame and the fumes would get collected. This black fume is then mixed with ghee or sweet almond oil and voila your kajal is ready. 

When it comes to its importance, well kajal apart from making eyes look pretty and bold, it also acts like an eye protectant and also like a moisturizer. Hence, most traditional Indian homes treat this cosmetic as an important aspect for eye care for both babies and adults. 

Why are cosmetics popular? How do they enhance a person?

Going back to our original question, “why are cosmetics so important?” well we asked a lady this time. “Cosmetics make me feel powerful,” says Pooja Sharma, an army’s wife who lives away from her newly wed partner. She says cosmetics help her uplift her mood on days she feels low and misses her better half. 

“My favorite red lipstick makes me feel like a superstar! I mean I know I am already a star but you know the boost of some bold red is all that you need when you know you need to feel like a boss,” says none other than actor Sonam Kapoor in one of her makeup tutorial videos.

Well, need we say more? It wouldn’t be wrong to state that cosmetics make a woman feel elevated and confident than they already are. It is an integral part of who they are and how they want to represent themselves. 

Like mentioned earlier, cosmetics initially were made with whatever ingredients were readily available from fruits, vegetables and on to weird stuff like red beetle bugs, fish scales and on to animal fats or animal proteins.

As weird and freaky as it sounds, there are still a zillion brands and cosmetic shops in the market that still uses these ingredients to make their cosmetic products. So sadly, cosmetics for someone who follows a vegan or halal lifestyle was a super tough choice.

Consciousness for safe and skin friendly ingredients by brands have now been taken into consideration. Brands that were initially non vegan brands, have now gradually shifted their products to vegan and cruelty free.

When was Iba Cosmetics founded?

Now, as for Iba Cosmetics as a brand; vegan, cruelty free, halal certification and PETA certification have been their main notion since the very first day. The conception of this brand began with an aim to fulfill skincare and cosmetic wishes in the right and pure way. It’s been more than 7 years of this beautiful journey now.

The concept of Halal certified cosmetics and skincare is a very common notion in the Middle Eastern countries, but in India Iba Cosmetics is the only brand that offers halal certified cosmetics and skincare.

“What makes you beautiful, must also be beautiful,” is what Mauli Teli and Grishma Teli believe. These two ladies are the Co-founders of the brand who are also siblings. They are the mind and heart behind Iba and makes Iba – “Iba” for what it is today! 

So, now when we asked a young lady about Iba, here’s what she said, “Cosmetics make me feel confident and when it is Iba, it also makes me feel pure. I don’t have to worry about the ingredients, I know I am enhancing my features in the pure way.” (Anonymous on request)

Now, if you’re wondering about the quality of the products, then we would like to mention that it is true Iba is a pure vegan and halal certified brand and we skip on using ingredients, chemicals and preservatives that leading brands are still using till this date. But, the alternatives that Iba uses are way better and they’re also beneficial for you. For example; instead of using pig fat in lipsticks which gives its creamy texture; Iba uses options like shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, marula oil and so on. In short, it is all about giving you the best quality without compromising on quality.

Now again when you look back on our initial question, “why are cosmetics so important?” well, if you use Iba Cosmetics, your answer would be something like this… “Cosmetics make me look amazing while taking care of my skin from within.”

Cosmetics! Well, they can make you super happy and enhance your mood because it makes you look your better version. And at times makes you cry because of the crazy huge bills it brings along. Well, we’d say, “why compromise?” If you love your cosmetics and skincare, just follow Iba on Instagram @ibacosmetics and also check out their amazing website www.ibacosmetics.com for latest offers, new launches and crazy freebie gifts on special seasons and occasions.

So, next time when someone says is that makeup really important? You know what to tell them (winks)! 

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