Things To Consider When Visiting A Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you looking for the best travel guide for Wildlife Sanctuary? If yes, then this post helps you to learn more about wildlife sanctuaries and tips to keep in mind before visiting them. India is famous for its beauty and a large portion of the country is full of greenery and forests. In this country, you can experience wildlife safaris in a variety of regions like deserts, thick forests and snow-covered areas. 

There are many ways to visit wildlife safaris. The government conducted safaris to give a closer view of wildlife and activities of animals. Here is some information on wildlife sanctuaries and tips to consider before visiting wildlife sanctuaries such as Asola Bhatti Wildlife sanctuary

Tips To Consider Before Visiting Wildlife Sanctuary In India

1- Choose The Best Guide

People prefer to hire a guide when they go to an unknown place. Choosing the best guide help you to learn more about animals. If you go without a guide, you can spend a lot of time with your family sightseeing and wildlife safaris. So to enjoy the purpose of your safaris we recommended finding a guide who can come with you on safaris to show the hiding place of animals. Also, the guide can give detailed information about the place and animals to make your safari pleasurable. So, you can go without a guide and prefer the best one. 

2- You Need Some Patience

Keep one thing in mind, you need some patience when you go on a wildlife safari.  If you’re lucky, then you easily spot animals. Sometimes you need to wait to spot animals. You require a lot of patience to enjoy the wildlife sanctuary. Some tourist seasons are scheduled for safaris when you can easily spot animals with your kids, apart from that you need to spend a lot of time to see the animals during your trip. Before starting your safari, you will have to complete some personal tasks like having a light meal or going to the restroom as you may not get time for these things for the next few hours. Moreover, always carry a water bottle with you.

4- The Young Visitor

If you’re going along with your family and friends, we recommend avoiding taking children with you while enjoying a wildlife sanctuary on foot. If you’re going by jeep or elephant then it is enjoyable with kids. You can carry food and water for them. Also, carry entertainment items to keep them engaged when you’re waiting to spot an animal. Explain the rules and regulations of the wildlife sanctuary to your children. 

5- Safety And Precaution

Wildlife sanctuaries will give you a lot of fun and adventure but you should also think about your safety. While visiting the wildlife sanctuary, get full knowledge of the places where dangerous animals are seen. You need to follow the rules and regulations given by your guide. In some areas, you may see some signboards about special warnings, be vigilant about them and follow them strictly to avoid any danger.

6- Carrying Camera

The camera is the most important part of your trip to a wildlife sanctuary. The camera captures your memories and you need to protect them from many things.  When you go for a safari, your camera lens can be damaged due to dust. You need to provide proper protection to your lenses. You can’t click any animal with a damaged camera lens, so it’s better to be careful about that.

7- Dress Code

As we know wildlife sanctuaries are situated in various regions. Some areas are hot and humid and some areas are quite cold. Before starting your safari, get complete information about the place and weather information and select your clothes according to it. Instead of wearing woollen clothes,  it is better to wear layers of clothes which can be removed in a hot climate. Never wear clothes of bright colour because it catches the attention of animals towards you. You can prefer Khaki or pale green during your safari. 

Another Most Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Below, we’ve mentioned the most important tips while visiting a wildlife sanctuary.

  • Always carry a first aid box with you for safety purposes. 
  • Never go close to animals or don’t try to disturb them.
  • You need to follow the wildlife sanctuary rules and regulations strictly. 
  • Do not touch small animals if they look attractive. They attack you for their safety. 
  • Avoid using fire during a safari. Your small mistake can completely destroy the forest.


When you’re planning to visit a wildlife sanctuary, you have to think about the safety of animals more than your entertainment. Always follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities. Wild animals are the treasure of our country and their safety is our first priority. 

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