How To Hire Online Quran Classes in Singapore

Old days are gone when you have to travel miles, just to learn the Quran. People used to travel a lot to masjid and madrasah. There was only one Qari available who was professional. It was too difficult to control all the students at the same time. 

The world is now changed into a global village. You can learn the Quran without taking a single step and resting in your home. If you are living in Singapore you just have to google learn Quran online in Singapore and you will get numerous online academies. Choose the best one and start learning the Quran. 

How To Hire Online Quran Classes in Singapore

What Is the Online Quran Learning Procedure in Singapore?

How to find Online Classes 

The first step is to understand how the online Quran classes work. So you can easily know the main concept. As everyone has the internet in their hands, you can surf anything on your mobile.  You have to use your mobile or laptop to locate an appropriate Quran academy or yourself. 

Check Reviews 

Before choosing the academy you must check their reviews and comments. You will know 50 percent of that academy. Next after selecting the academy you have to choose the course that best suits you. 


Now it’s time for fees, there are mainly three types of packages Starter, medium, and family. You can choose one from that. If you are not comfortable with the three packages you can request the customized package that best suits you. The fee will also be customized according to your demands.

Set Interview 

Set an interview with the Quran teacher you will study. And then determine whether your tutor is capable of teaching you or not. However, it is a difficult task to determine your tutor in a single interview. But you will make up your mind in that interview whether you want to study with this tutor or not.  

Choose A Native Arabic Speaker Tutor

Choosing the best Quran tutor is our priority so always choose the tutor who is a native Arabic speaker. They will know the meaning of every word and will benefit you in every aspect. On the other hand, choosing tutors of other languages is also good for teaching. They are also professionals. So, choose wisely for yourself.

FREE Trial Classes 

All the academies offer a FREE trial class to know about their teaching style and tutors.

Basic Essential 

The main essential you need to take the online Quran classes are 

  • Desktop computer Or 
  • Laptop Or 
  • Smartphone / Tablet 

And the main thing is a high-speed internet connection for uninterrupted classes because they will be teaching you on video and it requires a good internet connection.

How Do Online Quran Service Work

Above I have tried to tell you how to find the Online Quran classes in Singapore. After that, you can choose the best tutor of your choice. Online Quran academies allow you to switch to the Quran tutor whenever you want. 

After you have properly set up your desktop, laptop, or smartphone the next step is to take the Online classes. Your teacher will share the screen with you or they can use Skype, Zoom, Google meet, etc to teach you the Quran. 

One to One Session 

Those were the old days when you had to learn in a class with other students but now you can learn individually and all these online academies offer you one-to-one sessions. There will be no other disruption you can learn along with the teacher. Also, there is no physical presence of the Online Quran tutor. 

Select A Teacher Of The Same Gender As You

To learn well you must take classes from the same gender as you. If you are male you must learn from a male Quran tutor. On the other hand, if you are female you must choose a female Quran tutor. All the Quran academies provide you with both.

Many Muslim families also don’t allow their sisters, daughter, and mothers to learn Quran from the male tutors. So they can hire a female Quran tutor for them.

Bottom Line 

Now by reading the above article you can easily learn the Quran online in Singapore. I have tried to tell you all the main steps that should be focused on while finding online Quran classes for yourself. 

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