The Shortest Surahs to Start Your Quran Memorization

If you’ve decided to memorize a few short surahs, I’ve listed some of the advantages of doing so. I hope you find these to be useful. Not everyone is capable of memorizing the entire Quran. If you can’t memorize the entire Quran, it’s still a good idea to learn a few surahs. In a variety of ways, these surahs have multiple benefits for you in this life and hereafter. The best way to memorize these short surahs is to memorize the Quran online

Here is a collection of some of the most powerful but short surahs to memorize. 

Surah Names No Of Verses
Surah Ad-Duha11
Surah Al-Humazah9
Surah Al-Teen8
Surah Al-Maun7
Surah Al-Kafiroon6
Surah Al-Fil5
Surah Al-Falaq5
Surah Al-Ikhlas4
Surah Al-Kawthar3

Surah Ad-Duha

Surah Duha is also known as brightness and contains 11 verses. Allah Almighty is happy with the individual who recites this Surah. This Surah is also helpful if you have misplaced any of your possessions till you can recover them. It is also easy to memorize because it contains only 11 verses. 

Surah Al-Humazah

Surah Al-Humazah contains only 9 verses. Recitation of this surah will remove poverty from the life of an individual. Death will be made easy for the individuals who will recite and memorize these surahs. This Surah contains the cure for all types of eye problems.

Surah Al-Teen

Surah At-Teen contains only 8 verses. Those who learn and recite this Surah get several benefits and blessings. For the person who recites this Surah, the blessings and rewards are incalculable.

Surah Al-Maun

Recite and memorize 7 verses of Surah Al Maun if you have done countless sins. These are the powerful verses that will remove sins from your life. They also guard you against illness and disease.

Surah Al-Kafiroon

Surah Al-Kafiroon is also the short surah to memorize; it only contains 6 verses. By memorizing Surah Kafiroon, you can receive innumerable benefits and gifts from Allah. It’s an important Surah that contains important messages for Muslims.

For a safe journey, it is suggested that you should memorize Surah Kafiroon. It also helps you to stay away from Shirk.

Surah Al-Fil

If you want all the problems out of your life you should recite and memorize Surah Fil which contains only 5 verses. It aids a person in distress and anxiety by paving the way for him. It protects you from dangerous things or people. Memorizing this Surah can be very beneficial and beneficial.

Surah Al-Falaq

This strong Surah assists us in living a blessed and safe life. Surah Al-Falaq contains 5 verses and is very much easy to memorize. These verses are favorable to Allah’s blessings on us. Surah Falaq is helpful in the treatment of ailments and illnesses. 

It assists us in protecting ourselves against all forms of evil. Memorizing this Surah can assist us in protecting ourselves from 

  • Black magic and 
  • hidden dangers.

Surah Al-Ikhlas

Surah Al-Ikhlas contains only 4 verses. Many people already have memorized these surahs because it is mainly recited in prayers. This Surah exemplifies Allah’s unity and oneness. Memorizing this Surah can help you enter Paradise. 

Surah Al-Ikhlas aids in the eradication of poverty and the installation of serenity and blessings in one’s life.

Surah Al-Kawthar

Surah Al-Kawthar contains only 3 verses so this Surah is known to be the shortest Surah to memorize. It teaches us that Allah is always with people who live for a good purpose. It is a source of advice for Muslims.


Ayat-Ul-Kursi is a part of Surah Al-Baqarah. It is considered the most important of all the verses of the Quran. This Ayat is considered to be one of the greatest of Allah’s gifts. It protects us from a variety of threats and should be memorized.

Bottom Line 

In the above article, I have provided you with some short surahs to memorize. These surahs have a great impact on our life. Memorizing them takes no more than a few minutes. Most people have already memorized it because they recite it in their prayers. 

The benefits and qualities are numerous and should not be overlooked in pursuit of earthly pleasures. It is advised that you memorize them. These surahs will definitely help you and your savior on the Day of Judgment. May Allah protect us and lead us down the path of righteousness, the path of his chosen people.

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