How to Sell Your Old iPhone for the Most Profit

Among many smartphones, Apple has one of the best resale values due to its unique operating system, so the old iPhone sellers can get a good amount of cash for their iPhones to buy a new one.

Trade-In or Selling Smartphone

Choice of iPhone seller determines how much cash he can get for his used iPhone. If he sells his iPhone directly to other buyers, he will get more money, but there are scams and risks in selling directly. iPhone users can sell it on Swappa, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc. One of the most profitable places to sell iPhones is Swappa, where they can sell directly and get the most money for their used iPhones. Whereas Apple trade-in service is another way which refunds the seller with Apple store credit that he can use to buy a new iPhone, Mac, or anything sold at the company’s retail stores both online and offline. Selling phones through buyback and trade-in programs is safe and convenient, but profitability is low as sellers can get half of their phone price, and the iPhone seller can get the money almost immediately.

Checking How Much Their Iphone Is Worth?

Users can check the worth of their iPhone before they sell it. As mentioned before, the value depends on the seller’s choice whether to sell it directly or trade it. On eBay, sellers can check the sold items. Then, sellers can get a realistic idea of how much people are willing to spend based on the final auction price.

Good Condition 

The iPhone’s condition plays a huge part in its value. People who want to sell iPhones can’t get most of the money if their device is not fully functional having cracks or significant damage. So in the case where the seller has a cracked screen, water damage, or broken phone, he must repair it from the local iPhone repair shop first. Then, he must hold his cellphone onto the original box with charger and cable.

Preparing Iphone For Sale

There is a list of things iPhone sellers can do before they sell, giveaway, or trade-in their old iPhones. One of the essential things iPhone sellers must do is create a backup while selling the old iPhone. So later, it will be easy to transfer all personal information, apps, and other information to a new device. He can do this by using iTunes on a Mac or PC. he can download iTunes from Apple’s website.

After creating a backup, the user must disable Find My iPhone so that potential buyers can activate it or use it with their own Apple ID or password; otherwise, they won’t use it without entering the user’s Apple ID or password. After that, the iPhone seller must delete all the data on the old iPhone by restoring the phone to factory settings. Then, show it to the potential buyer in the same state as the seller first purchased it. When the reset factory setting process goes on, the screen will go black, and the iPhone logo will be visible. After that, a white screen shows “welcome,” which means now the user can set the iPhone as a new device. And also, remember to pop out the sim card, which will then be used in the new phone.

Listings The Device Features

An iPhone seller must let the potential buyer know how long he had the device and why he is selling it. He must list any accessories they include, such as charging cables, earbuds, or even the original box, as including these can boost its sales. He must take good pictures of his device. He should also mention any applicable warranty details and state any damage or area of concern.

Finally, when to sell an old iPhone solely depends on the iPhone user. But for sure, iPhone sellers will get the highest price if their phone is in good condition compared to the damaged one.

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