Is It Safe To Fix My Iphone At A Third-Party Repair Shop?

Almost all iPhone users might face issues with their iPhones at least once in their phone’s lifetime. For example, they might drop it and face a cracked screen, or their device might get damaged with water or face battery issues. Whatever the problem is, they need to get their device fixed. Unfortunately, Apple designed the iPhones, making it challenging to repair or replace individual components.

They can repair their iPhones from the Apple Store or Apple Authorized service provider to fix their devices. Another option is to get their iPhone repaired from local repair shops (private businesses or chain stores). As the rates are cheaper in third-party repair shops, it is arguable to repair the iPhones from there, but these more affordable rates might be at the expense of repair quality. As a result, the user might be a victim of poor repair service or a non-pleasurable experience.

iPhone users must take into consideration the following points on whether they repair their iPhones from a local iPhone repair shop to avoid risk in  

Uncertain Processes

There is a lot of uncertainty about the processes that third-party repair shops will follow and how proficient the technicians in catering services are related to the customer-specific iPhone model.

Non Genuine Parts

Most of the third-party repair shops may use non-Apple supplied parts to fix iPhones, which is why they can repair devices at cheaper rates. In the long run, the phone will need constant repairs, and it may affect the safety and functionality of the device. For instance, in case of non-genuine screen replacements can cause brightness and touch issues. Similarly, improper replacement or repair of the battery could damage the battery, causing overheating. Users can face battery drain issues.

Void Warranty

The Apple Limited Warranty covers users’ iPhones against manufacturing defects, so there is a one-year warranty offer on new iPhones. Users can avail of free repair services on all manufacturing damages incurred. If users repair their device from a third-party repair shop, any valid warranty will be void as Apple cancels its contract. These third-party repair centers only waste their time, money, and mental peace as well as their iPhones.

Poor Repair Quality

As these third-party repair shops lack skilled technicians, repairing an iPhone from a third-party repair shop can cause further damage, or it might become inoperable for life. As in the case of the iPhone 12, using a third-party repairer render phone features such as camera almost unusable. Also, third-party repairs could use lower quality parts making the devices vulnerable to hackers.

Data Protection

These third-party repair shops don’t have privacy policies regarding collecting, using, and sharing users’ data. So, users can face data security issues when repairing their phones from third-party repair shops as users have most personal data in the phone. As a result, their data can be lost or misused.

Problems In Updating

These third-party repair shops use non-genuine Apple parts to fix iPhones. But unfortunately, it can make the device unusable the next time it updates. For example, it might show error 53, making their iPhone worthless. Using non-genuine parts can also lead to loss of pictures, videos, texts, and other data users might have stored on their iPhone might have gone and cannot be retrieved.

Lack Of Facilitation According To User Convenience And Time

These local repair shops lack flexibility in facilitating users’ time and date of their convenience.

It is advisable not to repair iPhones from third-party repair shops. Users may only get good quality repair service for their iPhones from the Apple or Apple-authorized service provider because they have experienced, reliable, trustworthy, and trained technicians and are responsible if anything goes wrong after fixing iPhones. In this way, users can get their iPhone back as new, and nobody can swap other parts of their iPhone while repairing it. They also will have their iPhone fixed on time, usually on the same day or else notified.

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