Top Soap Dispensers for Work Premises

Soap dispenser is a small, very convenient and a portable device that can be wall-mounted or table-top as per it’s design and features. 

There are basically two types of dispensers that include a manual soap dispenser and an automatic soap dispenser. 

Due to the pandemic the use of touchless soap dispensers has been widely increased due to the fear of spreading of germs and viruses.

While choosing the dispenser you need to determine the type of soap that you are going to fill in the dispenser. Either it’s your office, shop, hotel or home installing the soap dispenser in the bathroom near the basin is a must. 

The use of sanitizer has also increased a lot, but if we compare soap and water with sanitizer then washing the hands with soap and water is more effective as compared to the use of hand sanitizer. Therefore using a soap dispenser is very favorable especially at the work premises.    

Top Soap Dispensers for Work Premises

Work premises consist of a large number of staff who are eligible for different departments. The staff touch a number of things and documents in the entire day and no one knows which thing is infected with germs and viruses. 

So washing your hands frequently with soap and water after touching the things and before eating is mandatory. Here is the list of some top soap dispensers that are perfect to mount in the office premises. 

1. Luxafare Soap Dispenser

This one can be installed at every floor near the basin that will help you get an ideal usage. It is one of the popular soap dispenser manufacturer companies that provides a variety of designs from which you can choose the appropriate one as per your usage and staff numbers. 

This one is a silver wall mounted soap dispenser having a push button operation that is easy to use and classy to look at. It is made of a strong plastic material that is unbreakable and durable. 


  • The dispenser is wall mountable with a minimum of 200ml capacity. 
  • Its sealed lid at the top surface prevents wastage of liquid soap. 
  • It is easy to use and clean as it has a simple and elegant design.     

2. Euronics Soap Dispenser

You must be familiar with the company as rather than soap dispensers it even provides other products for washrooms, industries and hotels. You will find a range of stylish soap dispensers from which this one is adequate to use at work premises. 

It is a 400ml manual soap dispenser that is appropriate for everyday use and once filled it can be used for at least a week. It is made of poly-carbonate material making it a durable product.     


  • It is a wall-mounted and battery operated product.
  • The dispenser is easy to install and operate.
  • The use of automatic soap dispenser wall mounted is completely hygienic.

3. Svavo Automatic Soap Dispenser

For a foam based soap you can choose the svavo automatic soap dispenser that is eligible to store the foam-based soap in it. As it is an automatic dispenser, you can flawlessly use it with a contactless feature. 

The dispenser is perfect for high traffic areas that are usually a work premise or an office building. It’s elegant and sleek design makes it one of the best products for the washrooms of your workplaces. 


  • Its automatic feature makes it a relevant product for your workplace. 
  • The transparent bar at the front surface notifies you regarding the amount of soap.
  • It has a notification light that blinks when the battery is low.

4. Tropro Automatic Soap Dispenser 

This stainless steel dispenser with a stylish cylindrical design and a smooth texture will give your office an impressive appeal. This table top dispenser can be kept near the basin and is used without touching. 

It is built with an infrared sensor technology and is featured with different adjustable modes so that you can set it as per your requirements that will give you an ease to use it. The dispenser also has a low battery indication. 


  • It is suitable for all types of liquid soap.
  • It is a portable dispenser that can be placed anywhere at any time.
  • It has a classy design and a graceful appeal. 

5. Aike Automatic Dispenser

Aike is a well-known automatic soap dispenser manufacturer offering a variety of dispensers that differ in color options and features. As it is cylindrical in design and wall mounted you don’t need to worry about the space. 

It can be easily installed with the help of screws and a stand provided along the dispenser. You can choose the desired one from the list for your work premises so that everyone can use it when they want to wash their hands.    


  • It is available in different color options. 
  • It has a sealed lid that restricts wastage and spilling off. 
  • It works on adjustable automatic features. 

6. Hadineeon Soap Dispenser

If you want something stylish yet convenient then you should definitely choose this stainless steel dispenser from hadineeon that is super stylish and attractive for your home and office. This waterproof foam-based soap dispenser automatic is equipped with a quick foaming and dispensing abilities making it smooth to work.

 It is a perfectly hygienic dispenser that is leak proof and easily operable by everyone.  


  • It is an anti-leakage and waterproof dispenser. 
  • It is easy to use with a one button switch. 
  • It has light indicators and is powered by batteries. 

There are many more other soap dispensers that can be automatic or manual from which you can choose the most appropriate one for your place. You can opt for a soap dispenser online or can get it from an offline store whichever you feel more convenient. 

The best benefit of a dispenser is that it keeps the surrounding clean and hygienic due to its touchless feature and a variety of other characteristics. 

You can go for an automatic soap dispenser India that is equipped with some stylish designs and is  available at an affordable price. All of them are good but it totally depends on the traffic of your area which one you should choose. So pick the one wisely. 

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