Criteria you must consider before buying curtains

Curtains play a vital role in our room, they bring life to your room. You can get them in solid colors or patterns, stand alone or in layers with add ons or simple hang ons. They come in many patterns and designs. While choosing curtains the only thing you must be considering is budget. But you are wrong, there are plenty of things you should consider before buying curtains.

Be it curtains for your window or doors or just as a decorative fabric for your wall. The length, lining, quality, color and ensign are few of those things which are considered before buying curtains. And most importantly get them ready made or custom made. Now thinking about all these might be giving you a headache but no worries we got you all covered. 

  1. FABRIC  

Fabrics are the most important aspect while buying curtains, a good quality fabric not only lasts longer but brings unique and amazing appearance. If fabrics are too heavy they stay still even when you keep them open, buy lightweight fabrics that don’t stay still and keep on flowing. Some fabrics are dust free, allow air to flow and don’t get wrinkled easily. Can be purchased easily from curtain fabric online stores at affordable prices and latest design collections are avaliable to explore. But some are prone to dust and get easily wrinkled; this might bring allergies to the home. 


If allowed and possible check the drape of the fabric right at the shop. And check how well the pleats stay in shape and how perfectly it falls. Let it stay still and see how stiff and in place it stays.


The fabric of curtains and type depends on the room it is being used as the exposure of sunlight matters the most, a smany fabrics fade when come in contact with sunlight for a long period of time. Try choosing colors which are pastel in shade for the rooms which receive plenty of sunlight as brighter colors fade quickly. 


Think about the material: use one or combination of material for your curtain. Many people use curtains with a combination of cotton and linen for sunny days and velvet, suede in thicker form for colder days. Silk, faux silk, cotton  works best for windows. 

  1. COLOR

Color of your curtains plays an important part as whatever color you have in your mind might not look well on the fabric you wanted, or even if it looks good it might not work well in the long run. Color of curtains must contrast and compliment your rest of the interior. You can’t choose bright colors when you have a bright interior. You should decide what you want to be the highlight of your room, your interior or curtain? Subtle curtains like white will let your interior looks good whereas bolder curtains will subside your interior. 


Even before choosing the fabric of curtains, measuring the height of curtains, choosing the right height can give your smaller room an illusion of a higher ceiling. Start measuring your curtain height a little above from the window and measure until it comes to a puddle for a traditional look or right until it floats right and then add 2 more inches to it for folds and add 6-8 inches on width for better tailoring. 


Getting your curtains customized is the best way of getting yourself curtains as you can not only customize the fabric but even the patterns and details, add as many panels and pleats you want the length and width can be according to your need. You can even mix and match your favorite fabric and get yourself one amazing curtain. 


Readymade curtains are the easiest and most convenient way of buying curtains. For those who really don’t think much about curtains and just need them to cover their windows these curtains are best for you. Readymade curtains are easy to install and maintain and are very handy if you migrate a lot. They come in very fabric and pattern giving you ample options to choose. 


How much time can you invest in cleaning those curtains, as many curtain fabrics are little expensive in cleaning while some are very easy to clean. Heavy and expensive curtains used in living rooms and bedrooms are usually dry cleaned and can be damaged if washed at home, while other fabrics can be easily washed at home. Make sure you get this point clear before you buy the said fabric. 


One of the most important questions is do you want to decide all these by yourself or do you want to consult a curtain consultant. Do you want to roam around and get the measurement rights and choose the right fabric, right pattern and everything or you just want the consultant to do it all for you.  


If the budget has no boundaries you can get a home expert and let them do their magic, getting yourself a consultant can be expensive but worth only if you find a good one, whereas doing it all yourself can save you bucks but you’ll have to invest a lot more time than money. 

Make sure you go through above all points before you step out of your home on your curtain search. Buying curtains can be an easy chore when you have a clear vision of what you want for yourself, with so many curtains options available, planning everything beforehand can save you time and bucks altogether. Through research of your needs, like the room you want the curtain for, for how long you want it for, and how much time you can invest and the expense you can spend on it, these all factors play an important role when we go out to buy curtains. Curtains can be a very effective investment for your home as whenever someone enters your place for the first time, it’s the curtain their eyes will linger on. 

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