Summer Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

Mobile phones are an essential part of our professional and domestic lives. Therefore, they should be in good condition and function properly. However, continuous use of smartphones also brings forth issues such as overheating. Operating your phone in the summer can increase overheating of your device. Exposure to high temperatures can affect your phone internal components. It can cause many significant problems such as slow processor, force shutdown, or fast battery drain. It might also result in data loss or inconvenience.

Several factors can contribute to overheating your device. For example, many apps running in the background consume battery making it drain quickly, causing your phone to overheat. Another factor is frequently using your phone; this can also make your battery work overtime raising your phone temperature. Also, charging your phone beyond its limit can cause your phone to overheat. Considering the following measures, you will be able to protect your smartphone from overheating this summer.

Prevent Exposing the Sun for Too Long   

The most obvious way to prevent your phone from overheating is by avoiding exposing it to sunlight. For example, don’t leave your phone on the chair for a long time when you are out swimming. Similarly, avoid putting your mobile on your car’s dashboard if there is direct sunlight, or avoid putting it in the window if you are at home. Otherwise, your phone will catch light and heat from the sun and retain it. Consequently, your phone will get hotter and exposed to heat damage.

Close Unwanted Background Process

One way to protect your phone from heating up in hot weather is by merely closing all idle apps which are opened. These apps keep running in the background unless we close them. Similarly, using multiple apps will make your phone work overtime. Most people are not familiar with this factor. You can terminate these apps by going to the recent app menu and choosing the idle apps you want to close.

Relieving Battery Pressure

Protect your phone from overheating in summer by considering ways to ease the burden on the battery. It would be suitable if you did not use your phone while on charge; doing so will relieve pressure on the battery. Moreover, prevent placing your phone on an overnight charge. Charging your phone to 100 percent will possibly overheat it. So unplug your phone once the battery level comes to 80 percent charge.

Maintaining a Low Brightness Level

Another way to prevent the phone from overheating is maintaining the brightness level. Don’t maximize your phone brightness level if not needed. It will increase stress on your phone battery, causing it to overheat. In other words, to avoid overheating, keep your phone brightness low if you don’t need it.

Take off Your Case

In summers, you can help the phone cool down fast by taking off its case. A phone case can act as a cover keeping your device warm. Therefore, If your phone is getting warm, you should remove your mobile case so that heat can vanish speedily.

Turn On Airplane Mode   

In summers, the high temperature causes the device to overheat. You can use Airplane mode if you are doing something where there is no need for the whole phone to be operational. Airplane mode saves a large amount of power used to communicate with cell towers, scan or connect nearby wifi networks, connect Bluetooth, and occasionally check your location through GPS. Consequently, the energy saved will enable the phone to cool a bit. 

Keep Your Phone Up To Date

Updating your phone will fix bugs and enhance the efficiency of your phone. In addition, this will use less energy for your device, which prevents it from overheating.

Delete Unnecessary Apps   

Another way to avoid overheating the phone is to delete unnecessary apps. If you are storing so many apps, it will result in an excessive workload on the phone by creating junk files and cached data. So it is good to keep apps and files that you need the most.

Take Your Phone Out Of the Pocket   

Take your phone out of the pocket on hot days. Avoid putting your phone in the pocket because the body temperature will also be high. Instead, it is good to carry your phone in the bag. In that case, it will be away from exposing the body temperature.

You should take your device to the professional phone repair shop in case of continuous overheating so that it is possible to diagnose the underlying problem, which is the cause of overheating your device. In addition, doing so will enable your device to work smoothly without overheating.

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