Things That Smartphones Have Replaced

Besides advancements in technology, mobile phones are transformed into smartphones and can do almost anything. These smartphones include features that successfully replace a wide array of items that we need to use. In other words, this device transforms the way we communicate, play, browse the web, etc. That is why you might have trouble imagining your day without them. A list of a few things which these smartphones have replaced so far are as follows

  • Computer

One of the essential gadgets being replaced by smartphones is personal computers. Nowadays, smartphones can handle massive data as they come with superior processing powers and adequate storage capacity. Also, smartphones have round-the-clock accessibility to the internet and essential applications, making them easy to use rather than relying on desktops.

  • GPS and map 

Smartphones have replaced the requirement of GPS and road maps because modern smartphones include Apple maps and Google maps.

  • TV

Technological advancement makes it possible to replace tv with smartphones by offering you a more personalized experience. Improved screen displays, internet speeds, and bandwidth have all contributed to it.  

  • TV Remotes 

Using your smartphone as a remote controller is among the most innovative things your phone can do. All you need to have is a smartphone with IR capabilities, while apps like Smart TV Remote, Google TV Remote, Remote, and iRule will help transform your smartphone into a tv remote.

  • Cameras

Smartphones have replaced mainly compact cameras. However, in the past, people used to carry their cameras for taking pictures. But nowadays, holding a smartphone makes it very easy to take pictures using their phones’ cameras.

  • Walkman

Smartphones have become music players replacing walkman and tape recorders. Moreover, smartphones are durable and light enough to carry as a music player.

  • Mail

Emails replaced the traditional way of sending letters. Smartphones enable us to use emails to send and receive messages instantly with high speed. Using smartphones, it becomes convenient to keep emails organized and delete unwanted ones by clicking a button.

  • Radio

Having smartphones, you can access the radio anytime. Moreover, it has become possible to listen to any of your favorite radio stations on your smartphone with no need to carry radio transistors through the internet.

  • Calculator 

With the smartphone available, there is no need to carry expensive calculators. As smartphones come with the basic calculator app preinstalled, many apps can be downloaded from the play store.

  • Calendars

Calendars of smartphones replaced the traditional ones as they stay on walls occupying more space with limited space for data entries. Calendars on smartphones have unlimited space for dates and appointments, making them easily accessible and easy to edit.

  • Watches

Watch is another gadget that is being replaced by smartphones gradually. The smartphone in your pocket tells you time regardless of the manufacturer or model. It is easily accessible because it is in your pocket or hand.

  • Pen and paper

Smartphones replaced the need to carry paper and pen as you can easily make notes and reminders and note essential pieces of information on your smartphone. Smartphones come with notes preinstalled, plus you can also download one of your choices from the play store.

  • Alarm clocks

All smartphones have a built-in clock and alarm inside, replacing traditional alarm clocks. Further, you can turn your smartphone into a nice-looking digital clock with alarm and snooze features by using an alarm clock app.

  • Torches

Most torches in smartphones are different from single-purpose torchlights, but they are good to serve the purpose. I.e., you can use them if you find things under the bed, and you can use them wherever required. In addition, torches in smartphones save space for carrying a big single-purpose torch.

  • Voice recorder

A Voice recorder is a helpful tool preinstalled on smartphones, allowing you to use it in many ways. It records sound and then changes it into audio files that one can transfer to other devices like computers or laptops without effort.

Smartphones replace these things mentioned above, which if we try to carry together it would be impossible to fit them in a suitcase. Smartphone technology makes life easier by compacting all these gadgets into one device. This invention makes it hard to imagine life without your phone.

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