Top 5 Android applications you should have on your Phone.


Android is an operating system based on Linux. It was mainly created for the touch screen of smartphones and gadgets. The system has evolved a lot in the last 15 years from black and white phones to mini computers. The most used OS in today’ world is android. The operating system of android is very powerful. It can support and run many applications on a gadget. As it is an open source server anyone can use and create things on it. Android is a home to millions of applications which can help you manage your life at clicks. The official language used for android is JAVA 


There are many unique and different features of android which makes it stand out among other operating systems. NFC (Near field connection) which makes the connection of two devices within 4 cm of distance, allows alternate keyboards, multi touch, video calling, screen capture, headset layout, custom home screen and many such. 

With millions of applications available on android, we have many options to choose from to help you out eliminating the unwanted applications or those applications which are not usefu;l for you. Here is a list of those which are a must for your smart gadget.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a go to go messaging app in this era, you’ll not find a single person without it, due to its availability in many languages it is loved by every community,this app has more than 1.6 billion consumers around the world. This is easy to use which makes it really convenient for families and friends to connect with each other no matter the distance, with constant updates and new features whatsapp has not stepped down from its position of the most loved application on playstore. With features like group chats, sharing pictures and files, broadcast list, business mode with in- built answering messages and business profiles it is feasible and convenient for every age group and most importantly it’s FREE. 

  1. Facebook

You need a number of the person you want to connect on whatsapp whereas facebook only needs a name and acceptance of request. Without sharing your personal number or any other important detail you can connect with 5000 friends. With tags and sharing of stuff it helps to connect with people with the same mindset and those who belong to the same community. You can easily create pages of your work or interest and let people join who are interested in those. With the liberty of  commenting and sharing thoughts and content it allows people to share their ideas, thoughts and beliefs with people around the world. Facebook is one of the low cost marketing tools which helps you to grow your business with few clicks and bucks. You can easily connect with your existing customers and even the new enquiries easily on facebook. 

Android as an open source software allows the applications to have a heavy traffic without getting glitches in the website or applications, you can create your own application or learn from Android Training Institute in Ahmedabad to upgrade your skills in android application development, as the applications on android are loved and used by many, the users are in billions and they stay on the server for a longer period of time creating a huge crowd on the server.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest allows  the user to create their own customized boards of things they like and love. Pinterest is an infographic application which helps the user understand the information more easily and conveniently because people understand visuals more easily than the written part. Pinterest integrated with almost all websites and created informative pictures of those and let users visit the website if the picture captures their attention. Though instagram and facebook help you connect people pinterest helps you redirect them to your media. Pinterest helps in boosting awareness among the user. Pinterest is an amazing application for bloggers as it brings traffic and audience easily, you can capture the user’s attention easily by creating a visual impact of the blog topic. 

  1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming  entertainment providing application which is popular among the web series watchers. Netflix is a subscription based platform which allows the viewer to watch their favorite shows without ADs and low quality. Netflix works for those devices with an internet connection and subscription. Netflix has a wide range of series, documentaries, original films and specials compared to its other competitors .It even allows the user to download the content to watch later without the internet. With the right plan it even offers multiple viewership. It has great device compatibility and budget friendly plans.

  1. Linkedin 

As twitter is a platform to share thoughts of politicians, linkedin is a platform for Entrepreneurs and businessmans. It helps the user to connect with people from the same professional community. It helps you to improve your SEO profile, a very simple way to keep updated about your concerned industry. It is an amazing platform to provide and gain niche expertise. It enhances the professional profile visibility and helps you be a part of the same environment.It helps the business to create meaningful connections and allow you to understand and gain knowledge from said industry tycoons.  

Android allows the manufacturer of devices to create applications without worrying about the software, as it provides its own software and operating system for free, the best part of android in the devices is it is integrated with google allowing you and the manufacturer use the google services for free. One of the main attractive feature of android is it allow multiple applications to run at the same time 

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