A Comprehensive User Guide to HIFU Facelift Treatment 

Nowadays, we’re searching for natural ways to look beautiful and take control of our appearance. Skin ageing is a natural process so taking care of our skin is important. 

Over the past years, HIFU has become more popular day by day because of its ability to achieve natural-looking skin. It offers a non-invasive facelift for those seeking to rejuvenate loose and sagging skin. But many people are not aware of HIFU. HIFU treatment London at Unique Aesthetic can use other skin procedures which take 1-2 years. If you are wondering whether a HIFU facelift is good for you or not, then find out everything about HIFU in this post. 

HIFU Facelift — Overview

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive or non-surgical facelift treatment to reintroduce elasticity and tightness to the face without the surgery. It uses the focused ultrasound energy to stimulate deep into the layer of the skin for the structural support of our skin. It causes a minimal amount of damage to cells. The result is impressive. 

Benefits Of HIFU Facelift

We all know HIFU is a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift treatment that has grown in popularity in past years. HIFU has been an all-rounder because it has numerous benefits and some of its mentioned below. 

  • It is safe and compliant with FDA and ED regulations.
  • It smoothen out the wrinkles.
  • It reduces the double chin.
  • It gives accurate results.
  • It is less intrusive than the laser treatment.
  • It tightens and sagging skin without a surgical process. 
  • It has less downtime and a lower risk of complications. 
  • Its effects can be achieved using a variety of procedures. 
  • Facelift treatments are finished in one and less than hours. 
  • Its results can be seen within a year. 
  • There are no side effects. 

As compared to surgical facelift treatments, HIFU is more affordable and effective. It has lower risks and less downtime. It means people can return to their work after the treatment. 

What You Can Expect From HIFU Treatment

When you arrive at the clinic for HIFU facelift treatment, the doctor will remove your makeup and skincare product from your face before starting the treatment and clean your face. In some cases, a topic numbing cream is applied to the target area. After that, an ultrasound gel is applied. It maximised the contact between your skin and the ultrasound device. 

During this procedure, an ultrasound device is held against your skin on the targeted area. In short, ultrasound energy is delivered to the skin over 30-60 minutes. This facelift treatment is not painful. Although, some people report that it has a tingling and prickling sensation. If you’re sensitive to pain, your doctor recommended some painkillers to make the process more comfortable for you. 

Some patients may experience side effects such as numbness, blotchiness or swelling. Mild inflammation is normal but the serious side effect is rare. Redness and swelling can appear within a few hours of the treatment after which it will give a youthful appearance and natural-looking skin. 

Who Is Suitable For HIFU Facelift Treatment

HIFU facelift treatment is recommended for people who have saggy skin, double cheeks, or excess facial fats. Young people who have symptoms of ageing like wrinkles are also good for HIFU facelift treatment. 

If you’re concerned about your saggy and loose skin, then HIFU is perfect for you. 

Why We Choose Unique Aesthetic For This Treatment

At Uniques Aesthetic, you are assured that you’ll be in good hands throughout the procedure and sophisticated skin treatment. Your journey begins with them through the examination of your skin. It allows your doctor to create a customised treatment plan based on your skin’s requirements and lifestyle. You will be treated using the most advanced up-to-date medical equipment to achieve the desired results. Whatever your skin condition, Uniques Aesthetic offers you a safe and effective solution using FDA Approval medical-grade techniques. 

HIFU facelift treatments at Uniques Aesthetic are meant for skin tightening, lifting and smooth lines and wrinkles. The use of HIFU treatment with growth factor serum has been shown to achieve the best outcomes. This treatment became popular because of its effectiveness on the skin laxity and the dedicated eye area. 

Is HIFU Facelift Treatment Safe? 

Ultrasound has been a safe and effective medical tool and its number of practical uses continues to grow. The safety of ultrasound and HIFU facelift treatment is undeniable. 

HIFU facelift treatment does not have any side effects. But it is associated with risks such as numbness, blotchiness and swelling. There are some rare side effects also. If you have serious side effects, consult with your doctor immediately. 

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