First impressions always matter no matter what we say. We have ample clothes which are not appropriate for most of the occasions of India, the only thing that comes to mind when we hear traditional, religious or family gathering, KURTI is the only outfit which comes to our mind. 

Be it a long maxi gown or a short kurti paired with jeans, a heavy embroidered anarkali or a plain net kurti , we can never go wrong with our choices. Kurtis can be worn at formal, casual outings or even to clubs or parties. Kurtis will never make us feel out of the place. The comfort and freedom kurtis provide are beyond measurable. 

Kurtis can be a choice for every place you go be it office, club, cafe or even the date you are planning. Just the right type of kurti paired with complimenting accessories can be a perfect opt without any doubt. Kurtis are made from many different fabrics: cotton, linen, silk khadi, georgette and even lace and they are priced from hundreds to even thousands. They come in patterns like long, short sleeves,bell-sleeves, different neck designs such as boat neck, v-cut, high neck and many more. Kurtis can be worn just with bottoms or even along with dupatta. Kurtis can be worn by any body type without thinking twice.


  • Printed kurtis
  • Embroidered kurtis
  • Handwork  kurti
  • Floral print kurti
  • Jaipuri print
  • Patchwork
  • Layered 
  • And many more.
  • Kurtis for office

Office is a place you want to look presentable each day, you never know who visits or when you’ll have to present yourself, and working those long hours needs comfortable clothes. Kurtis are the go to go option we always have when to look formal, presentable and comfortable. Choosing the right type of kurti can not only make you comfortable but even boost your self- confidence too.

  •   Layered
  •  Straight line
  • A-line
  • Denim
  • Kurtis to traveling

Traveling is often in India, and traveling in public transports is uncomfortable enough and wearing those jeans, and slim fit clothes to even look presentable is uncomfortable the better or say the best option is to choose kurtis, kurtis not only make us look modest, dignified but comfortable too. Paring those kurtis with loose jeans, junky accessories will not only make you look trendy but you’ll be in your comfort zone too.

  • A-line
  • Straight
  • Short kurti with jeans
  • Slit kurti
  • Kurtis for traditional functions

India is a country of festivals, we find celebration in every moment we live. The more celebration  the more clothes you need and you can’t even wear your trendy crop top or the slim fit skirt you brought yesterday. You’ll always have to find some traditional clothes for festivals and wearing a saree or ghagra is not always convenient. What’s better than a kurti? With Wholesale Kurtis

adapting to the change of fashion industry, the design kurtis offer can’t be missed. A long maxi gown paired with statement earrings and slight heels or wedges can make your center of attention wherever you go. Wearing kaftan with leggings and a boho neckpiece can bring every eye to the room to you. 

  • Up and down
  • Maxi gown
  • Anarkali
  • Kaftan
  • With jacket 
  • Kurtis for outings and hangouts

Outing and hangouts are necessary in our busy life. And dressing up for outings and picnics is a real task and even after finding the proper outfit we don’t know how long you’ll be comfortable in it. Kurtis can never go wrong in such events. A-line kurti which turns into flares below your waist can not only be comfortable but look beautiful with your curves.A slit on your kurti will give you freedom to even play around with the freedom of movement it allows, pair them with flats or even your trendy sneakers.

  • Up and down
  • Slit 
  • Kaftan
  • A- line
  • Irregular layer
  • Kurtis for clubbing and parties

Club and parties and kurtis in a same sentence sounds amusing, but with all the modern touch to our beloved kurtis, they not only make you a trend setter but can be super comfy while swaying on the dance floor, Wearing an ankle length kurti without bottoms and a fancy belt with beautiful hoops along with sneakers for comfort or even wedges can never fail you. An off-shoulder kurti with tight fit jeans and bold bangles can be an amazing choice for any party or club you are planning to go to.

  •  Kaftan
  • Off-shoulder
  • Tail cut
  • Slit with jeans
  • Kurti with belt
  • Dhoti style 
  • Kurtis for selfie

 Selfie is an occasion, an occasion everyone celebrates. In the era of updating people with our life we always keep ourselves updated on  social media by postings pictures on frequent basis but we can’t wear the same clothes again and again and we can’t seem to find clothes which suits us most of the time, so here these selfie kurtis are made perfectly for you. They come in beautiful prints and comfortable fabrics giving you a comfort yet the trendy look you are aiming for. 

  • Kurtis for winters

Winters are the most loved season with a drawback we can’t wear clothes we want to, wearing all covered clothes just to avoid the cold we end up looking like a woolen ball, but woolen kurtis not only are stylish but keep you amazingly warm.Kurtis are all time favorite of every indian girl as they fit perfectly in every occasion without making us feel out of the place. Woolen kurtis are not comfortable but even give you those winter vibes you get from sweatshirts and pullovers.

  • Kurtis for hotels and school/college uniforms

Kurtis have been in India since decades, Except saree kurtis are only clothing which is accepted by our societal norms presentable for girls. Colleges, schools, hotels have uniforms in the form of kurtis to make the girls look dignified, professional and even more comfortable than skirts or pants. Darker shades of kurtis such as navy blue, cobalt, ocean are mostly favored colors for such uniforms as they don’t prick in the eye of the looker nor the one who is wearing gets bored of wearing it.They can be worn along with overcoats to make it look more professional.

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