Teens who suffer from Social Anxiety can benefit  from online psychologist


When we imagine the future generation, they imagine energy, health and a future of endless possibilities. However, it’s not always easy for everyone in their teen years. In reality it is estimated that up to as many twenty percent of kids between the ages 12-18 have at the very least one mental health problem.

In this article, we’ll turn our focus to the social anxiety Disorder (SAD) which is a problem that affects 9.1 percent of the population aged 13-18, as per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) which is 1.3 percent developing severe symptoms.

Read on to learn more about what triggers social anxiety among teens and the signs which could suggest that the teen you know is suffering with SAD in addition to how best online psychologist consultation in India can aid teens overcome their social anxiety and lead happier and healthier lives.


Teenagers may experience social anxiety due to any one of a number of reasons . In this article we’ll look at five of the most common types.

1 Genetic factors

Mental health issues are usually affected by genetic elements. If you’re a young person with relatives or parents who have been afflicted by anxieties about social interaction at one time or another, you’ll have more chances to develop social anxiety disorder. In the same way, if you’re a parent who has dealt with social anxiety , or has relatives with social anxiety disorder, your child may be more vulnerable to the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. Talktoangel is here to provide You  Online Counselling with Best Online Counsellors Around You.

2 Social media

We were raised in a time that didn’t have social media platforms. exist at all. However teenagers today have been raised in a society in which social media is ubiquitous. Although social media is able to bring us in contact with people from across the globe however, it also can cause a lot of tension. In fact studies suggest that teenagers are less likely to receive “likes” on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat could cause anxiety.

3 Embarrassing or bad experiences

Teenagers who suffer from bullying or rejection by someone they approach or encounter an embarrassing event — such as not being able to perform pull-ups at gym class or failing an exam, and then being mocked by classmates could be prone to developing social anxiety and they should have to take online counselling from best online psychologist consultation in india

4 Low self-esteem

If teens aren’t happy with themselves, they’re more likely to suffer from anxiety about social situations. In this case, for instance, someone may not feel satisfied with their appearance. might they think they must lose weight, perhaps they’re uncomfortable with their appearance or they may have an illness that causes Social  anxiety (e.g. or a birthmark that appears on the face, or an teen who’s already experiencing over the top).

5 Personality

Teenagers may be more susceptible to experience social anxiety because of their innate character traits. For example, introverts who are shy may be worried about the possibility of delivering a speech in public at an event with friends or even calling customers as cashiers in a part-time position.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the causes teens may be suffering from social anxiety disorder, we’ll look at certain indicators that may be a sign that the child you know is suffering from the disorder. We are here to Recommend you to take Online counselling to overcome from Social Anxiety Disorder With best online psychologist consultation in india.

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