4 Tips to Keep Puppy Safe During Walks on Hot Days

Taking your pet pooch out for a walk on a hot day can be risky. Whether or not it’s summer, the going can get tricky for your puppy when the sun is right over its head. The soaring temperature and high humidity makes strolling a tedious chore for your four-pawed friend.

Even when the weather is discouraging, you will still need to take your puppy out every day, so they stay physically active and finish their bathroom routine. So, you must be sufficiently prepared when stepping out with your fur companion on a hot sunny day.

Otherwise, the puppy may come up against panting, dehydration, seizures, heat stroke, and other health imbalances. Pet insurance can cover your pupper’s vet visits for a wide variety of health issues, plus medications, and more. Dog insurance is available in different levels of cover you can choose from depending on your furry pet’s health needs and affordability.

If you haven’t signed up for pet insurance, consider purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read these tips on making your puppy feel comfortable on a hot day out.


Consider swapping exercise and pooping time with other activities in the daily schedule. You can pick an early morning, evening, or late evening slot to take your fur baby out to finish their business. Your four-pawed pal will most likely stay calm, stretch a little more, and enjoy your company when the weather is encouraging.


Let your puppy slurp generous amounts of water before leaving for a stride. Or, if they disagree with you, you can always carry a water bottle and a collapsible water bowl so your furry friend can recharge their batteries during pit stops. Also, you can train your puppy to respond (by drinking water) to simple commands like “Sip”, “Drink”, etc. It can reduce your stress when you both hang around outside.


Take out the umbrella resting in your closet. Your puppy will be more thankful for offering shade during a brief noon walk. Ample shade is necessary to keep short-haired and hairless pups shielded from the hot midday sun.


Dress up your puppy in the sun-blocking dog jacket, apply dog-safe sunscreen on vulnerable body areas, and don’t forget to give them dog glasses to wear. Also, please take out your pup’s tiny shoe pairs from the rack and get your furry little one to wear them to ensure convenience. Puppy shoes help guard their delicate paws against the hot asphalt, pricky things on streets, sharp rocks, dust, and dirt. However, only use them if your dog is happy to wear them – don’t force them.

Remember, walking your pupper in bare paws can blister and burn their sensitive paw pads. So, it is best to check the day’s weather report and temperature before venturing out with your furry baby. Preparations can work sometimes, but other times you may have to drop your plans of walking your pet outside.

While you take preventive care, think of reactive care, too, because your fur baby deserves quality medical care at all times. Pet insurance can make providing your fur baby with basic health needs an economically manageable affair. You can quickly check the various dog insurance policies available online, then request and compare quotes before purchasing a policy. Consider buying a pet policy, so you don’t have to bear it all during unexpected pet health situations.

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