The Google trends are in alignment with consumer requirements. They operate in different facades. Hence, a proper STRATEGIES has to be devised to get the desired results.

When you are looking at the SEO trends, they are quite unpredictable. Google updates its SEO criteria every now and then to improve its search results. As there are changes occurring so frequently, website owners are required to keep up with the new things. This is where you will need the Best SEO Company in India to keep track of all the strategy Then.

Things get complicated for website owners, as they might not be aware of all the factors to consider while setting up the perfect SEO plan. The whole thing is based on the search algorithm and the latest advancements in the field. Thus, we have prepared a list of ten SEO trend changes that have hugely impacted in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Since its development, AI technology has come a long way. Today, we commonly use AI technology for a number of mobile-related things. For example, as the market is gradually becoming more competitive, AI is being used hugely for SEO purposes for App Store Optimization. In addition, artificial Intelligence is being used in daily processes, leaving the manual process behind. Voice searches are the perfect example in this segment which is being consistently updated to match the search intent.

Core Web Vitals

When working on the SEO trends, you might already hear about core web vitals. Core web vitals have been popular for quite some time, and their value only increases in 2022. The core web vitals are based on three separate metrics. These are the Largest Content Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Each of these metrics measures different aspects of the website’s performance.

Local SEO

Google has updated its SEO ranking features to include local businesses and give them a push to succeed. For this, Google My Business deserves a section of its own. Google My Business scours the locality to establish contact and acquire vital trading information. On the other hand, App Store Optimization Services mostly have good connections and contacts that they use for the localization of SEO.

User Plus Search Content 

The term search intent has been popularised in recent times. The search intent refers to the ever-changing consumer searches and behavior. Websites cannot just post whatever they like and hope to get ranked. They have to provide something that the audience will undoubtedly find relevant. If the content has not been made in a way that answers the queries asked by users, it can completely go to waste.

Video SEO

Video content has risen unequivocally in the last decade since YouTube and other video platforms became mainstream. This naturally started the trend for video SEO. The Google MUM algorithm is a notable inclusion that encourages video snippets. This inclusion is in line with the SERPs. Keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, and innovative long video scripts are considered for video SEO by any Top SEO Agency.

Mobile SEO

The sheer rise of mobile devices among all users tells us that Mobilegeddon is not going anywhere soon. As more people become accustomed to mobile usage, web portals are required to create mobile-friendly content. Not just the content, the page layout, design; everything has to match the mobile-friendly requirements.

Customer Analysation

The gap between web traffic and SEO ROI has been one of the main focuses of digital marketing. Therefore, behavioral analytics are expected to take center stage in the future. This is why websites note what the audiences search for, how to make it relevant, and let audiences act fast. However, the COVID-19 pandemic proved that keyword searches might not be as crucial in a tumultuous situation. Hence, the Best SEO Company in India focuses on reinstating customer behavior analysis.


Besides videos, images, and blogs, podcasts have also been going well. Daily or weekly podcast content is gaining much priority at present. However, there is little you can do about SEO in terms of a podcast. This is why you can turn podcast content into a full-fledged blog and insert SEO metrics to give the content the reach it deserves.


Automation has taken over the world, which has helped digital platforms to perform tasks in a much faster way. For example, automation can help in App Store Optimization by automating different aspects of the operations and getting a well-analyzed plus accurate result. 

SERP Layout 

Google Passage Ranking has changed the way the SERP layout looks and functions. Google has paid much attention to lengthy content that contains all the information within one page. Instead of creating small content that all ties up to the same subject must be merged so that Google can find the things that the users have searched.


As SEO trends are getting increasingly complex, websites are getting help from specialized App Store Optimization Services. These agencies are trained to deal with the constant changes in the SEO scene. They can keep track of all the changes that Google has unveiled. Knowing all the changes, they can develop plans for SEO optimization that can help your website rank better on Google search results, reach more audiences, and even increase the conversion rate.

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