Hopin or Airmeet: Name You Should Pick For Your Next Online Event

Hopin and Airmeet are two names that gained extreme popularity in the past few years. From being two platforms known by no one once, these platforms became regular names in the online event industry in no time. Now, Hopin and Airmeet are two names that online event organizers now rely on completely to host their events. 

As we all know, online event platforms are virtual venues that enable organizers to plan and host events with the help of the internet. Online event platforms became extremely popular in the last two years since the pandemic started showing its wrath. It is the reason there are several online event platforms available in the market today. Given the fact that there is an abundance of online event platforms available in the market, it is now impossible for organizers to get confused when they pick one platform for their online events. 

However, having said that, there are some online event platforms that have gained extreme popularity in recent years. These selected names have risen up and are now trusted by most of the event organizers for their online events. Two names among these platforms are Airmeet and Hopin. Though they are two of the most popular platforms, time and again it has been observed that organizers get confused in picking one name between the two. So, Airmeet or Hopin, which is the one platform that they should choose, is a prime concern among the organizers

Well, we do have a solution for all those organizers. Here, in this blog, we are going to compare Airmeet and Hopin so that it becomes easier for you to choose one name among these two. 

So, without any ado, let us jump into the blog and see what features make them different from each other. 


Airmeet is one of the most renowned online event platforms, efficient enough to host all kinds of events and deliver exclusive experiences in the most seamless and efficient way. One can use Airmeet to host webinars, networking events, meetings, and whatnot. You can literally use Airmeet for almost everything. The most prominent and promising feature of this platform is its easy-to-access interface. One doesn’t need to have advanced knowledge of technology to access this platform; anybody can access it easily. 

When it comes to the features one should note about Airmeet, here’s what it has to offer: 

  1. Airmeet is a browser-based platform, which means users don’t need to download any additional software or application. 
  2. Airmeet believes in delivering the best experiences to its audience; This platform delivers events in HD video quality and top-notch sound quality. Not only this, but with this platform, users can have control over their streaming experience. The streaming quality won’t have any effect on the streaming experience, even if the speed of the internet is slow. 
  3. It is one of the most secure platforms; Hence, users don’t need to worry about any security threat with this platform. 


Hopin is another online event platform that is known for delivering unique and immersive online event experiences to the audience. It is an all-in-one platform, which is efficient enough to manage all sorts of experiences in the most seamless manner. 

The most popular features of this platform are: 

  1. Hopin offers streaming in HD video quality, ensuring the best experiences for the audience. 
  2. One can host all kinds of events on this platform, irrespective of the scale and size. 
  3. It comes with customizable pricing plans, which users can choose as per their needs and requirements. 

Difference Between Airmeet and Hopin: 

Talking about the differences between both platforms, there are several points that can be compared. Let’s have a look at some of the key differences between the two most popular online event platforms. 

  1. Pricing Structure: 


Airmeet comes in different pricing plans; which means the users have a lot of options to choose from. They can simply choose plans that go well with their needs and requirements. However, its first and the basic plan comes free of cost. Not only this, it comes with all the features one needs to host an effective and successful online event. 


The most basic plan of Hopin starts at $99/organizer/month. 

  1.  Size and Capacity: 

Airmeet: Talking of the scale and size of this platform, it can accommodate as many as 1 million people at one time. Not only this, it can accommodate 16 speakers at once. 

Hopin: This platform can accommodate 100,000 attendees at once; it comes with the speaker capacity of 5 speakers in one event. 

  1. Platform Compatibility: 

Airmeet: Airmeet is known as one of the most renowned online platforms, which can deliver all kinds of online events. However, since it comes with tools such as Q&A, live chat, live poll, etc. Due to these features, Airmeet is considered best suited for interactive events such as online meetings and online conferences

Hopin: It can be used to host webinars, online meetings, conferences, etc.

The main differences between Hopin and Airmeet are: 

AttendeesUp to 1 million attendeesIt has the attendee capacity of up to 100,000 attendees. 
Speakers16 speakers5 Speakers
Streaming ChangesYesNo
RecordingIt comes with the recording functionality, and that too with unlimited storage. It comes with the recording functionality, but with 40 GB storage in the basic plan. 
Raise Hand FunctionalityIt enables attendees to be a part of the speakers’ panel with the ‘raise hand’ functionality.Only speakers and hosts can use this feature. 
Q&AYesIt doesn’t come with this feature. 
Streaming on Third-Party PlatformsYouTube and FacebookYouTube
PricingThe basic plan is completely free of cost. Its pricing plans start at $99. 

In Conclusion: 

Both these platforms are considered as the top choices of online event organizers around the world. However, as we saw both these platforms have their own sets of USPs and limitations. 

But, as we can clearly see, these platforms vary significantly, and as it can be seen, Airmeet clearly outdoes Hopin in every field. Hence, out of Hopin and Airmeet, our vote goes to Airmeet, and for all the right reasons. 

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