6 Actions You Can Take After Buy a .ae Domain 

If you started an online business the first step is purchasing a domain name. As soon as you have your in hand, you can start building an online presence for your business. 

You have a lot of choices in choosing a name. Generally, there are six categories of names such as Top levels domains, Country Code Top Level , Generic Top Level Domains, Second – Level domains, Third Level Domains. 

A name is chosen according to the website and targeted audience. For example, if your website is UAE based and you targeted the UAE people then the best category you want to choose is Country Code Top Level . 

In the country code top-level , you want to buy a .ae . This is an ideal option for a website. Buying a .ae domain is not enough you can do 6 six steps after the registration of .ae domain. And these six steps will be discussed below. Also, we discuss from which place you buy .ae extension at an affordable price. So let’s start.

Follow These Steps After Registration of .ae Domain 

Below there are six steps that you must follow after buying a .ae domain. These steps are important steps. 

Sync Your Domain And Hosting 

If you buy a UAE domain for a website then you will also buy Hosting for a website. Try to buy a and hosting from one place. There is many web hosting company that give the services of the name and hosting. In the above article, we decided which domain is best for UAE based website then the next turn is choosing a hosting for a website. In the initial stage shared hosting is a better option.  At the start, a website receives only a limited amount of traffic, and shared hosting easily handles traffic. Further at the initial stage, a website requires only limited resources and shared hosting fulfills all the website requirements. 

If you are looking for any place from where to buy a domain and hosting then I recommend a Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a reputed and trusted web hosting provider. They offer and hosting both services.

Setup a Domain-Specific Email Addresses 

Your new domain name is probably going to require email addresses as well. In this way, you will be able to make your site look more professional. You will able to create a certain number of email addresses based on your hosting package. 

Secure Matching Social Media Handles 

By using social media handles that match your website, your brand will be easier to establish online. Locking down specific usernames is important even if you are not planning on using the social media platform right away. You may be able to add a qualifier to the username if the trademarked version is already taken. Don’t worry about getting an exact match, but try to get as close as you can. 

Try to match usernames across multiple social media profiles. As a result, your fans will be able to find you on multiple platforms more easily. 

Create Goals For Your Website 

Before Building a website it’s important to set a direction for the website. There are several options in the directions such as:- 

  • Are you setting up a blog? 
  • Are you Creating a site for an online service business?
  • Are you starting an e-commerce website? 
  • Are you creating a new style website? 

Start Building Your Website 

In order to have a successful online presence, you need a website. After the domain and hosting are set up now its time to start building your website. You have numerous options if you want to build your website own.  


Choosing a domain name is such a challenging decision. We have already discussed how to choose a domain name for a website. And after that, we discuss in detail what to do after buying a .ae domain.  Below the points are compulsory for a website so you must follow these steps. There are some points about a .ae domain that is impotant for you you. 

  • For a year of 1-5 domain .ae be registered and renewed after this period. 
  • Everyone can register a .ae domain there are no specific requirements for registering.  

In the above article, we discussed from which place you buy a .ae domain. I recommended a Hostbillo Hosting Solution. This is a reputed and trusted web hosting provider. At the time of .ae domain registration, Hostbillo gives the following advantages:- 

  • Easy setup
  • High-level security
  • Domain lock
  • Access to 10000 subdomains
  • 24/7 Customer assistance via proficient experts
  • Professional email services, and much more.

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