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Zodiac Tattoos of Tarot Cards: Some Advice

Have you ever wondered what your future might hold? Have a question for the ghosts in the area? You certainly aren’t alone in that regard. Since the dawn of time, people have yearned to peek behind the future’s curtain.

So much so that many cultures around the world became enamored with palm reading, crystal ball gazing, rune casting, and tarot card playing.

The meanings of the images on tarot cards are shrouded in mystery. Due to the spiritual nature of tarot reading and the fact that each card has its own unique symbolism that can have profound personal significance, it can be a great place to find ideas for a meaningful tattoo.

But, why did people start using tarot cards?

Background on Tarot Cards

Tarot cards were not made to foretell the future. They were originally created as a deck for use in card games.

Preceding the widespread use of the printing press, they allowed for the rapid production of previously handwritten materials. These cards were painted by hand using a lot of time and effort. Due to this labor-intensive procedure, tarot cards were initially only available to the wealthy.

Late in the 1700s, after the publication of a certain book, tarot cards were widely used for spiritual purposes. According to the book “Bicycle Cards,” “…Frenchman Jean-Baptise Alliette published its first definitive guide to tarot card reading. Under the alias Etteilla, he published instructions for playing the cards and his own deck.

Alliette drew upon astronomy, the elements, and the ancient Egyptian text Book of Thoth to create symbolic meanings for each tarot card.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The term “cartomancy” is used to describe the act of interpreting tarot cards. The reader consults the cards in order to learn more about their own lives, both past and future.

Both closed (in the form of a question) and open (in the form of a statement) readings are possible with tarot cards.

If you’re doing a question reading, you’re responding to a specific inquiry. A yes or no question is not something that can be answered with tarot. Most people agree that it shouldn’t be used to make decisions, but rather as a reference point from which you can draw your own conclusions. Because of this, how a question is posed is crucial.

The scope of open readings tends to be wider. Getting a tarot reading is a common practice when beginning a new chapter of life and seeking deeper understanding in a particular area, such as work, health, or relationships.

In the twenty-first century, you can pick from many different tarot card sets. It is irrelevant whether a deck is based on nature, fantasy, or animals; the same meanings apply to all of them.

The cards are separated into the minor and major arcana.

The Tarot’s Major Arcana

These cards have profound significance and can provide insight into major life decisions. You can use Tarot cards to gain insight into the lessons you’re learning, the forces at work in your life right now, and the overarching archetypal themes that are shaping your path to enlightenment.

Major arcana cards are the focus of a tarot reading because they convey the most important information.

Excluding The Fool, the major arcana consists of 21 cards. As the deck’s protagonist, the Fool moves from card to card, from beginning to end, gaining wisdom along the way.

Tarot Cards of the Minor Arcana

The minor arcana cards are the more realistic part of the deck, as they pertain to more mundane tasks and endeavors.

These cards are still useful because they can show you the kind of energy that is currently directing your life and the steps you can take to bring it into harmony with your desires.

Guidelines for Performing a Tarot Card Reading

It’s essential to look at the cards as a tool for gaining insight into your emotional state in relation to the choices you’re facing.

The next step, after acquiring a deck, is to study its contents. Explore the meanings of each card and get to know their symbols.

Focus on simple readings like the three-card spread if you’re just starting out.

As the authors put it, “…this layout is good at suggesting about some sort of linear path, cause and effect, sequence of events, or a way of getting from the point a to point b,”

You can use this spread to inquire about the past, the here and now, your future, the way forward, and your full potential.

Tattoo Concepts Based on Tarot Cards

The major arcana cards are the most popular for tarot tattoos because they represent milestones in one’s life.

It’s the Joker who’s the idiot.

In a tarot deck, The Fool is the most prominent figure. As mentioned before, this character is the one who makes their way through the deck to pick up advice.

You shouldn’t dismiss this card just because of its name. If you get a tattoo of The Fool, it could be a sign that you’re open to new experiences and learning.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “These Fools are not foolish, but rather they are willing to dare the risk for a new life and a fresh creation,”

The Conjurer

Meanings associated with this card include strength, ingenuity, competence, and talent.

If you want to be reminded that you have the ability and insight to create the change you desire in your life, consider getting a tattoo of The Magician.

Sacred Mother Superior

If this card appears in your reading, you may be receiving a message to tap into your inner wisdom and strengthen your latent abilities. It’s time to take a next step in your life.

A tattoo of The High Priestess can stand for your innate psychic abilities and serve as a constant reminder to trust your gut.

It was the Empress

Femininity is symbolized by the Empress tarot card. When this card is drawn, it’s time to show some compassion.

You can show your dedication to self-care and the wellbeing of others with a tattoo of the Empress card. Symbolically, it serves as a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate one’s femininity.

Imperial Ruler

The stability and security represented by this card. What the Emperor’s beard being pulled could mean

Tattooing The Emperor on your body can signify your acceptance of your masculine side and your readiness to assume a leadership role.

Two People in Love

It may be the Garden of Eden, but the couple depicted on the Lovers tarot card looks like they’re having a good time there.

The Lovers is often associated with romantic partnerships, but it can also mean prioritizing authenticity and prioritizing what’s truly important in life.

That Old Chaise

Travel, aspiration, and self-assurance are all concepts associated with this card. The Chariot appearing in a reading may represent success after a period of struggle. If you want to show the world your commitment to working hard and never giving up, this tarot card is a great choice for a tattoo.

That Lonely One, the Hermit

The Hermit typically depicts an elderly man with a staff and a lantern. There may be a need for you to do some soul-searching and look within during the time that this card appears.

Therefore, a tattoo of the Hermit tarot card can represent introspection, maturity, and change.

Hanged Man

It would be easy to read “bad news” into a “negative” card like this one. Little Red Tarot corrects you: The Hanged Man actually depicts a man who is upside down and dangling by one foot from a tree. The fact that he is inverted suggests that you should consider shifting your perspective.


What does it mean that you drew the death card? Actually, that’s not the case at all. Fear of drawing this card is understandable, but it’s really not that bad.

New beginnings and letting go of the past are two ideas associated with the Death card.

Getting a tattoo of Death tarot card can serve as a constant reminder to accept change and let go of the past.

The Accuser

There is a picture of the devil on this card, complete with horns and a pentagram, and some people are bound to chains around him.

Undoubtedly, this card’s appearance can induce a state of alarm. However, the significance may hinge on whether the card is drawn face up or face down.

A word of advice: think carefully about the orientation of your tarot card tattoo. A card’s meaning can be altered depending on whether it is read upright or inverted.

The inversion of the Devil’s position can foretell strange or unexpected events. It’s human nature to wonder about the future and try to predict what will happen, which is why astrology exists. Using tarot cards is just one method people have devised to remove doubt from making important choices and gain insight into their emotions.

The stunning artwork and rich symbolism of the major arcana cards can be used to create meaningful body art.

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