Top ways to manage your personal finances

If you really want to improve your personal finances, the first thing you have to focus on is money management. Once you understood this, you’ll see the never seen growth in your savings. 

There are several ways to manage your personal finances, but here you have to be selective. Every person is unique and so do his habits. Pick the ways that replicate your personality and would work for you. 

To help you a bit, I’m here to disclose my personal favorite ways to manage personal finances. Keep scrolling; you never know which point will prove to be beneficial for you. 

Ways to manage your personal finances

I’ve personally used these ways and still using them. For me, they proved beneficial. So check by yourself and make up your mind; 

Keep a monthly track of all income sources

Here I’m talking about your alone earning sources. First of all, make a list of income you get from the different sources and then calculate them. You’ll get the round figure. It helps you understand how much you are earning monthly. 

It especially works for people whose monthly income is not constant, just like me. My income is not constant, so keeping track of all sources really works for me.

Calculate monthly expenses

If you are spending carelessly, stop it now. Start spending mindfully right from this moment. Create a list of monthly expenses, as not every month is the same. Some month requires additional spending, so keeping a note of them give us an idea of spending. 

Create a budget

As you have a monthly expense list, it’s time to create a budget according to the month’s spending. Having a budget means you already know how much you are going to spend for a particular month. It protects you from overspending. 

To make it more organized, you can take the help of budget templates. Well, it’s just a suggestion. 

Pay bills before the due date

Are you one of those who wait until the last moment to pay bills? 

If yes, you really need to change this habit. By doing this, you are increasing your expenses as you have to pay late payment fees.

You can avoid this by adding a reminder to pay bills, setting automatic payment through a bank, billing website, etc. As I said, there are many ways to manage your personal finances. 

Keep an emergency fund aside

You never know what emergency will knock on your door. Therefore, you should have an emergency fund to treat that unwanted guest. It can be a medical emergency, car repair, job loss, home repairing, etc. If you are living in the USA, you must have at least $10,000 to survive rainy days. 

You can summarise this emergency fund in three words – necessary, urgent, and unexpected. 

Start saving 

Here I won’t say start saving for the future like stuff. Just save doesn’t matter where you are going to use that amount. The only thing matters here is saving. 

Your attention is needed here – Don’t save in only one scheme. Look for various plans, choose the most profitable ones, and keep your ways open. 

You can also try out binary options trading. However, you can’t directly trade in it. You have to take the help of third-party brokers. My personal favorite is Olymp Trade. Check Olymp Trade Review for more detailed information. 

Get rid of your debts 

You indeed have seen that most finance experts suggest you to pay debts as soon as possible. Don’t keep it with you for a lifetime. Whenever you get an extra bonus or have some extra income, just put that extra amount on debts you have to pay. It could be your student loans, personal loans, credit card bills, house loan, etc. 

It is among the best ways to manage your personal finances. By paying your bills faster, you can focus more on building wealth. 

Draw a spending line

Spend within your limit. Once you know your limits, you’ll never overspend. My personal suggestion is to draw a spending line. It has been tried and tested by me, so eventually, you can go with this. 

Just like you, I was first reluctant to apply this to my life. However, slowly it became my habit, and now I don’t like to spend more than I planned. 

In ways to manage your personal finances, this point should be on your top list. 

Don’t make a purchase to impress someone

This should be on my top list but never mind. In this so-called influencers era, we often become victims of show off and tend to buy something we never needed.

Just for the sake of going with a trend, for a few likes, and impressing people, don’t buy unnecessary stuffs that you are going to regret later. 

Buy things that are useful to you. If you ever thought of buying something after seeing it online, just wait for a few days. I guarantee you never wanted it. 

Bottom line

See, don’t try to be perfect from the first day. All these things require patience, self-discipline, and lots of practice. It’s okay if you are taking longer time than expected. At least you are trying to control your money and making better moves. 

You already took your first move from the rest. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I myself still learning new ways to manage my personal finances. 

Keep on trying, and someday, you’ll become a pro in managing your personal finances. May be better than me. 

Best of luck!

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