Ways to root android phone without rooting

Android system is customized as operating system as Google design operating system. But you cannot take full advantage of it due to several security risks. The Android platform is an open source target phone with Android core access to the user base.

But if you want to take more risks, it’s possible to customize your Android phone to your liking, even if you’re more vocal about it. But rooting is a harmful thing. Your phone can be found in your phone. So your personal files and data can be read for permission.

Also make the mistake of rooting your phone and possibly rendering your software useless. So root is not good for normal users. But is it not possible to redesign your phone’s UI or the whole phone without root? Definitely possible.

Currently, all Android phones come with customization options. By following a few more difficult steps, you can decorate your phone beautifully without rooting – without exposing the phone to any danger. In this post we tell your android phone without root

Arranged like a phone’s home screen

Your phone’s home screen is in your mind and that’s what makes you all the worse. So a beautifully decorated home screen can change the entire phone experience. There are many ways to rearrange the home screen to make your screen look better and more functional.

The first way is to install a new launcher. Currently there are numerous third party launchers available on playstore which can provide you with various features. There are some launchers that are spot on and fast. Alternative Launchers like: Nova, Target Launcher, Hi Payon, Action etc. Again there are some launchers which are for them or special features. You can install test launchers through playstore search pass and see what you like.

Changing the app icon using the way you use home to rearrange your script. Icon Always Seen and Icon Repeatedly Seen You have lost a candidate. So new icons can give new life to your phone. PayStore has tons of beautiful icon packs. You can change all icons by installing this icon pack using a third party launcher. No third party launcher is required to change icons on any phone. As Samsung itself calls them with this feature. It is possible to change the entire phone icon on Samsung phones just by installing the icon pack.

You can also change the live wallpaper to the entire home screen. A good wallpaper can change the look of a phone. Goes very quickly to the opposite wallpaper. Live Wallpaper is there option. These wallpapers can vary in different situations. But keep in mind that live wallpapers can cost more battery than normal wallpapers. Find tons of live wallpapers on PayStore.

Dream beautiful and effective way widget. Widgets are things that normally work in different positions on your home screen to help you quickly drop them. Some widgets will help you quickly access various information such as: Status Widget Budget Widget. Some widgets will help you to do various tasks faster such as: Phone audio preference widget. Widgets can change the entire look of your phone.

Customize the phone’s lock screen

After the home screen, the direction you can look at also comes up to you a number of times. So looking good on a lock screen feels like a lot. Currently, all Android phones have access to change various lock options.

From lock screens you can change the text your screen notifications are best if the ‘Show notifications but hide content’ option is selected. You will receive the phone when you can receive the notification, but the notification will tell you what’s in it to unlock your phone.

Pack options that you can go with the lock screen. You can change the wallpaper of the lock screen and give it any wallpaper of your choice. A beautiful wallpaper on the lock screen can change the look of your entire phone.

Also, different phone manufacturers have different recommendations for changing the screen’s signal. You click on Samsung phones. 

Improving battery life

Bloatware or some pre-installed apps can be quite annoying. These apps can run in the background and consume your phone’s battery and resources. Sometimes apps cannot be uninstalled even if you want to. But you can uninstall the extra apps which you don’t need and can be uninstalled if you want. This will reduce the phone’s storage and battery consumption.

You can limit background apps to save battery. Besides, even if the brightness is kept low, the battery consumption is low.

Increase phone security

Phone is your most personal thing. So it is very important to ensure its safety. Always use the lock screen to ensure the security of your phone. Always keeping a password, PIN or pattern on the phone reduces the fear of data theft even if the phone is stolen. You can also install separate antivirus apps and anti-theft apps for the phone if you want.

Communication apps change

The main function of the phone is to protect communication. So you can change the various communication apps on the phone as per your wish. All Android phones usually have default communication apps that work well. However, you can use various third-party apps for additional features or benefits.

If you don’t like the default dialer app on your phone, you can install different dialer apps from Playstore. Google’s Phone app is the default dialer for most Android phones. But if you don’t have it on your phone, you can get it on playstore. Besides Truecaller, Truephone, Droop, Simple Dialer, Simple Caller ID etc., various apps have very good features.

Google Messages app is a well-featured text messaging app. It is also the default messaging app on most Android phones. But if you don’t have it on your phone, you can also get it on Playstore.

A phone’s keyboard is one of the most important apps. If you want, you can change this app as per your wish. Most phones come with the Gboard keyboard app, which is Google’s own keyboard app. Gboard is a feature packed app. But there are many other keyboard apps like GBoard. Microsoft’s SwiftKey is a good keyboard app. Besides, if you want better grammar checking feature, you can see Grammarly Keyboard.

By making these changes to your Android phone, your own device will feel like new to you. You use your smartphone in daily work. So changing some things over time will not only make your life easier, but also make using the phone more enjoyable.

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