Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Running a WooCommerce store is positively not a walk around the recreation area. It requires a lot of dedication and troublesome work to make an online store a victory. It anticipates that you should finish terrible drawn-out tasks, for instance, regulating store stock. That is the reason I enthusiastically suggest WooCommerce inventory management plugins that work on store the board.

WooCommerce inventory management plugins

Since we have perceived the reason why we really want inventory management tools and what they do, now is the right time to take a gander at the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins for your internet based store.

1. ATUM inventory management for WooCommerce

ATUM is a free inventory management plugin that monitors changes occurring in your store concerning various items, costs, and considerably more. The plugin has north of 10,000 dynamic introduces and has a 5/5 client rating, making it one of the most incredible inventory management plugins around.


  • WPML viable
  • High level hunt with auto-filled include
  • Support for WooCommerce variable items
  • Mass item activities
  • inventory  PDF trade

From sending off to altering your WooCommerce stores, Cloudways is at your disposal.

Whether you’re a fledgling or a specialist, Cloudways Stage depends on UI, where you can make and redo your web-based store in no time flat.

2. Z inventory  Manager

Z inventory  manager is another free best inventory management plugin in our rundown. It is a lightweight and simple to utilise answer for computerised inventory  and make it more proficient. 

The plugin likewise accompanies a master form that incorporates added highlights, for example, duplicate deals and buys and inventory  details and history. 

Some elements:

  • Boat and track deals
  • Screen inventory 
  • Lightweight
  • Ongoing inventory management

3.Smart Manager for WooCommerce

This inventory management plugin permits you to regulate and mass modify WooCommerce things, assortments, orders, and coupons in a singular snap of a button. Shrewd Director permits you to control your store’s inventory  level from a Succeed like calculation sheet which saves you time as well as makes the whole interaction a ton more straightforward.

Alongside a free rendition, the plugin likewise has an ace form that allows you to carry out extra roles, for example, cluster update, inline altering of numerous records in a solitary snap, copy records, and substantially more.

Some highlights:

  • Boundless looking over
  • High level pursuit
  • Tacky header for simpler information the executives
  • Picture review
  • Send out CSV for all post types

4. WP inventory manager

WP inventory manager is a fairly new inventory management plugin with just 1000 or more dynamic introductions on the WordPress storehouse. That, in any case, doesn’t mean it is any less powerful than the plugins referenced in this rundown.

Utilising this plugin, you can oversee mass things in your store and change their inventory  levels, estimating, and add variety valuing in a solitary snap. The genius adaptation is likewise accessible with the expansion of help and the capacity to utilise paid addons. The plugin is great for vehicle sellers, workmanship gatherers, and vendors.


  • High level client control
  • High level inventory manager
  • High level pursuit
  • Mass thing manager
  • Hold truck

5. WooCommerce POS inventory Count

WooCommerce POS is another extraordinary inventory management plugin that permits you to do actual inventory  count for every one of your items through a QR code scanner and update inventory  amounts from the inventory  scanner.

The plugin is created by the specialists at WooPOS, a well known POS and inventory management arrangement that lets storekeepers oversee inventory  levels, process deals, oversee representative records, and considerably more.

Its Features:

  • WooCommerce inventory  manager
  • WooCommerce frontend manager
  • Oversee buy orders
  • Oversee coupons and limits
  • Overseen dependability focuses

6. WooCommerce schedule inventory manager

StoreApps is a well known WooCommerce plugin engineer that has concocted one more incredible answer for dealing with your store’s inventory , WooCommerce Timetable inventory  manager. The plugin has in excess of 20,000 dynamic introductions on the storehouse and is one of the most outstanding WooCommerce inventory management plugins around.


  • View item inventory  history
  • Import/send out store’s information
  • Sort items by SKU
  • Search items by SKU
  • Channel items by class or inventory status

7. WooCommerce Out of stock manager

Unavailable Supervisor is an inventory management answer for WooCommerce storekeepers created by Vanquish, engineers of great WooCommerce plugins, for example, WooCommerce Aftership, WooCommerce delivering following, and WooCommerce client manager.

Utilising this plugin, you can make edge rules for your items’ inventory  levels and can dole out custom admonitions that will alarm you when inventory  is beneath that limit. You can likewise set different beneficiaries of the advance notice on the off chance that you have a group dealing with your store.

its highlights:

  • Email warnings for low inventory  levels
  • WPML viable
  • Redo page texts for unavailable items
  • Dashboard gadget for better administration

8.Stock Synchronisation for WooCommerce

inventory  Synchronisation is a basic yet powerful WooCommerce inventory management plugin that allows you to synchronise your inventory  with an outside inventory  record. Along these lines, you can consequently refresh your inventory  levels from the outside document.

Alongside synchronising inventory  levels, you can likewise synchronise item costs and update them through the outer record, making the whole cycle really simple and speedy.

Here are some elements:

  • FTP Backing
  • Google drive and bookkeeping sheet support
  • Hourly and day to day refreshes on inventory  levels
  • Import item data
  • Dropbox support


So that wraps up my rundown of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins for your web-based store. While it is fundamental that you endeavour to make your store a triumph, it is likewise similarly vital to work savvy so you stay zeroed in on significant things like expanding deals and income. These plugins permit you to do exactly that by dealing with the drawn-out errand of dealing with your inventory .

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