Getting Ahead of the Curve with SMS Marketing

Are your email marketing methods failing to generate enough leads for your expanding e-commerce business? Do you want to attract and keep your target clients’ attention? You’re in luck since SMS gateway marketing might be the solution. 


Although you probably know it best as text messaging, SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS marketing, often known as text marketing, is the practice of sending consumers and subscribers text messages with campaigns, promotions, news, and other information. 

The appeal of SMS marketing is that it enables you to put your company in your clients’ hands. This implies that you can contact them at any time and from anywhere. 

Given that SMS marketing is an owned channel, you have total control over it. You control what messages are sent, who receives them, and when. Customers end up having a better customised experience overall as a result of this.

Since SMS gateway are more intimate than emails and social media postings, sending them to your consumers is a terrific method to remain in touch. In addition to fostering brand loyalty, SMS marketing efforts have been shown to be as effective as email marketing initiatives, if not more so. 

Businesses can use GIFs or images in MMS messaging, also known as multimedia messaging services, to retain an engaging visual experience even when sending text messages.

Does Your Brand Suit SMS Marketing? 

Brands’ interactions with consumers are always changing. These days, it seems like the B2C connection is being driven by SMS. However, is SMS gateway truly the best option? Many companies are concerned that the SMS inbox will replace email inboxes and that customers would experience an overflow of messages.

SMS marketing is crucial for developing brands. You can quickly increase your earnings while reaching your subscribers on the channels they are already watching. Do you think this fits with what your brand is trying to achieve?

How to Make the Most of Owned Marketing 

You don’t have to stop using your other marketing channels just because you’re implementing SMS methods. In fact, Navin suggests using a multi-channel strategy, particularly when it comes to email and SMS. 

Since SMS and email are owned marketing channels, your data is completely in your hands. Successful firms will have a robust email list in addition to pertinent SMS tactics, enabling you to reach and maintain the attention of your users. 

Without having to spend a lot of money on acquisition, you may increase revenue and lower expenses by incorporating SMS gateway into your owned marketing strategy. Overall, using many strategies will improve conversion rates while saving you time and money. Who wouldn’t want it, too?

What steps can my company take to avoid carrier blocking? 

We appreciate you asking! Fortunately, you can easily use current best practices to avoid carrier blockage, and you could even be ahead of the curve. Following are four crucial actions to take: 

In every message, include your company name. Starting each broadcast with “Hey, it’s ALIAS from BRAND” or simply “BRAND:” is one approach to do this. We encourage you to look up templated copy examples in our monthly Broadcast Articles for more ideas. 

Write conversational copy

Even carriers concur that your clients prefer to hear from a dependable individual. Our copywriting staff is available to assist with developing messaging that encourages sales while being authentic (and delivered).

Include wording about opting out in your initial communication. Make sure to include “Reply STOP to unsubscribe” or similar language as clients sign up for your text list. Include the same phrase intermittently while you carry on broadcasting (every 5 messages is good practice). 

The checkout page’s opt-in text should be updated

Verify on your eCommerce platform that the email opt-in field at checkout does not contain any mention of SMS gateway. Reminder: By including a second checkbox below the phone field at checkout, you may still allow consumers to opt in; just make sure the box is unchecked by default. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for help if you have any queries about doing these changes.

Texting Has the Best Engagement Rate of Any Marketing Medium, Which Is the First Advantage of SMS Marketing 

While emails and phone calls might go unanswered for days, text messages are virtually always viewed as soon as they are delivered. 

The comparably poor email open rates were discussed. Even worse, PPC advertisements have an average CTR of just 2%. 

It’s important to note that SMS marketing is underutilised and undervalued. But there is always a catch to everything good. 

Text-message marketing that involves sending unsolicited texts is both unethical and illegal.

Fortunately, most text-marketing providers offer clients a simple method to opt in—or out—right from their smartphones. 

Customers may instantly opt-in to a brand’s text messaging subscriber list from their mobile website, social media account, or other digital channels using Attentive patent-pending “two-tap” technology. 

A message will appear in their messaging inbox with only one tap. To opt-in and get a welcome greeting, they simply hit send on the pre-populated SMS message.


SMS marketing benefit. It Can Be Tracked 

There are various solutions for text message advertising that let you control your campaign entirely from your PC. 

Find a system that allows you to access in-depth analytics so you can monitor every stage of the conversion process, beginning with the first delivery and opening. 

Guni SMS is one fantastic choice. They provide SMS advertising and marketing services, and one of its features is analytics. Everything from clicks to the income from abandoned carts may be tracked.

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