What is the cost per copy print service?

Cost per copy is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what you actually print, in both monochrome and cooler. From the moment you choose our service, you can stop worrying about costs and the replacement of consumables, equipment maintenance or expensive repairs. With no upfront investment, you receive a single monthly invoice and only pay for what you print. Everything else is on us. No limit or minimum number of impressions per month.

Pay only for what you print with the cost-per-copy printing service

1. Receive the form

Upon receiving the form, we assess your needs based on the information on the monthly print volume, the type of print (monochrome/color), the print size (DinA4, DinA3 and others) and the type of equipment (printer or multifunction) needed.

2. Select the most suitable equipment

We advise you in relation to your needs and budget. We propose the printer or multifunction model that best suits your activity, whether you are an individual, an office or have several business centers.

3. Installation of equipment in the workplace

Once the same day print services equipment and its characteristics have been defined, we move on to its installation. Many of our clients have two or more offices for which they need different printing equipment with different configurations. Our official technical service reaches any point on the peninsula as quickly as possible to leave all the printing equipment requested by the client installed and in optimum working order.

4. Impression management and monitoring portal

With the installation of the equipment, we create a management portal so that you can keep a detailed control of the copies and know at all times the people or departments that make the most use of the printing equipment.

5. Automatic delivery of consumables

Forget consumables and maintenance. Thanks to a remote monitoring system, we know the level of consumables of each printing equipment and before they run out we send them on time so that you are never left without being able to print.

6. On-site assistance and maintenance. (In the whole peninsula)

In the event of a breakdown, we have specialized technicians who travel as quickly as possible to the location where the incident occurred. We permanently have original spare parts, so in 96% of cases the printers work perfectly again on the first visit. You will also have a free telephone and remote service that will solve a large part of the incidents and doubts that you can communicate to us.

Pay per copy in printing systems

One of the modalities that year after year is gaining market share in the printing of documents is the payment per copy in printing systems. It is about contracting a service with a company that will provide us with printing services in exchange for a previously agreed amount for each of the impressions we have made.

Not to be confused with printer leasing. The main difference is that a leasing contract generally does not have associated printer consumables, toner, drum or fuser, which must be changed periodically and whose costs are covered by our company. Renting provides us with the printer for a fixed price per month in a fixed-term contract, which usually varies between two and 5 years.

In the case of pay per copy, the company that provides the service usually takes care of everything, that is, maintenance, consumables, repairs, etc. The company will only be responsible for the pages and the electrical consumption of the printer. The type of contract may vary, with a specific duration, a minimum number of copies per month, etc.

In general, the price of the copy varies depending on the printer model that we have chosen, the number of copies that we make monthly, since in this sense the more copies we make, the cheaper it tends to be, establishing the companies a system of sections with different prices. .

Almost all manufacturers usually incorporate this type of pay-per-copy option, since in this way companies avoid having to make high financial outlays for the purchase of printers. In addition, they usually have a more controlled fixed cost in the price they pay for the pages they print, without monthly shocks for repairs or consumable changes.


We offer several cost per copy plans that you can find, we have the perfect plan for your company or office. We work with the professional range of different brands to be able to prepare the offers that best suit your needs, with the lowest possible cost per print without neglecting the benefits that your activity may require.

With our pay-per-use plans you will no longer have to worry about buying or ordering toners and cartridges for your printers or photocopiers, we monitor your printing equipment for you and send you the consumables so that you only have to take care of your work, ask us to be able to study the modality that best suits you.

Professional printing services

Printing Cost x Copy

With Cost x copy systems it is much easier because you forget about the purchase of consumables and you only pay for what you print. And also… the latest printing technology.

You will have the quality and endorsement of printing leaders such as HP or Brother. Color and monochrome printing, multifunction equipment for document scanning, etc.

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