Pros and Cons of WordPress Premium themes

WordPress CMS remains one of the first choices among thousands of web developers, businesses, and corporates alike. Let us first start with a simple definition of the WordPress Premium themes.

WordPress Premium Themes are themes that have been developed for WordPress by commercial companies or independent developers. These themes often offer more features than the free themes available from the WordPress Theme Directory, including options for customization, built-in support for plugins, and specialized features like custom widgets and shortcodes. Premium themes can also come with extensive documentation, sample content, and customer support. Premium themes generally cost money and may have either a one-time fee or a recurring subscription fee.

Impact of WordPress Premium themes

The impact of WordPress Premium themes is that they provide web developers and designers with a wide range of customization options. WordPress Premium themes come with additional features that give users more flexibility and functionality. Premium themes often include built-in features such as multiple-page templates, custom widgets, and sliders. These features can make it easier for users to customize the look and feel of their website without having to manually code HTML or CSS. Additionally, Premium themes often have a more extensive selection of design elements, including typography, color schemes, and page layouts. This can help web developers and designers create a more unique and attractive website. Furthermore, Paid WordPress Themes are often more secure than free themes, making them a better choice for websites that handle sensitive information.

Here are some Pros and Cons to help you understand both side of using WordPress Premium themes in general. 

Pros of Premium WordPress Theme: 

1.    Better quality: 

You get better quality websites through premium WordPress themes. They have better coding built into them which makes them secure, fast, advanced, attractive, and interactive to their users. Additionally, free themes may not offer you SEO optimization in their coding but premium wordPress themes do. 

2.    Customization: 

Free themes also give you customization options but at a limit. Premium themes on the other hand give you an unlimited allowance for customization. You can design your website according to your will completely. 

3.    Monetization Option: 

One of the most useful benefits of premium WordPress themes is their allowance for monetization. With premium themes, you can add advertisements to your website and earn money through paid advertisements. 

4.    Documentation: 

Not everyone is an expert in coding. It’s difficult for us to figure out every feature available in the themes. That’s why documentation is important to learn things visually and theoretically. 

But not all see version themes offer you properly documented tutorials. Well, you surely get the documentation about the features and how to use them. 

5.    Better functionality: 

Premium themes offer you better functionalities in all aspects. The code gives you a fast website. It secures your website. The code design of the website enables you to go more customised. Change the layout, resize thumbnails and many other features which may or may not be available in the free version. You can also insert advertising quotes to run ads on your page. 

6.    Support: 

WordPress developers offer instant support to all its user base in respective time zone. All your queries or issues will be resolved almost instantly. You can also talk to them via the chat support system. 

7.    Free Domain Name: 

With a WordPress premium theme, you get a customised domain name. This is beneficial for your business as you can create a name that would suit the theme of your business. Free website themes give you a domain name. 

Cons of WordPress Premium Themes: 

1.    Expensive: 

For buying any word press premium thing you should care about its expenses. Generally, WordPress themes offer a monthly subscription. Although premium themes offer you several features, a free website can fulfil your needs at the start of your business venture. So paying money for WordPress premium themes can cause a loss to you. 

2.    Unnecessary features: 

Premium WordPress themes indeed offer you several features. But all the several features need proper coding and space in the website. Unless you use all of them, they will become a burden to your business and your website. 

If you are willing to give minimal features to your users to keep your website clean, premium WordPress themes would not be good for you. 

3.    Crossing over plugins: 

Sometimes premium themes can cross over to the plugin domain. They start showing features that are irrelevant and don’t worry properly. Once you switch the theme those features vanish automatically. 

4.    Frequent Updates: 

Updates are good but they can also create inconvenience to you. Many premium themes send you updates very frequently. This causes you to have trouble in your work and wipe out all your drafted data. 

5.    Lack of official review process:

WordPress’s official review process is majorly concerned with free website themes. Thus a paid WordPress theme may ignore all the policies of WordPress. 


Offer both free and premium themes. We have discussed the pros and cons of a premium WordPress theme. You can choose any one of them for your website idea. It depends on your will on how you want to progress further. 

Overall, we can say that WordPress Premium themes offer many advantages to users of the popular content management system, including improved design, better layouts and more functional features. These benefits can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of a website. They can also make it easier to customize a website, as they often come with a range of customization options. 

Additionally, Premium themes are often more secure than free themes, as they are usually well-coded and frequently updated. This can help to protect a website from potential security threats. Finally, Premium themes can help to improve the overall user experience as they often come with a range of helpful extras, such as customer support and detailed documentation.

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