Top 10 Food Influencers on Instagram  

Influencers on social media have the main bearing on customers in making choices in today’s international markets. Their skills, capabilities, and individuality alter people’s mindsets and actions. Food influencers on Instagram have developed into some of the most successful accounts on social media due to their capacity to dramatically drive patterns in need for specific food products and people’s perceptions. Our lives today are more rewarding than in the past thanks to more opportunities to sample the finest cuisines from around the globe. Foodies worldwide have access to the best choices from food influencers for a holistic experience, including selecting the best restaurants and delectables from the menu. Not only that, but a study reveals that influencer marketing has increased engagement in the industry of food and beverages by more than 7% while producing outcomes that are five times better.

Here are the top food influencers in the world in 2022:

  1. Daphne Go

Daphne Goh, originally from Malaysia and now resides in Australia, is a growing gluten-free food blogger in the delectable world of Asian cuisine. If you enjoy Asian cuisines like Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Chinese, or Japanese, Daphne’s recipes will tantalize your taste buds. The best thing is that her recipes are lactose-free, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free to accommodate various dietary requirements. Your craving will be led into tempting as you navigate through Daphne’s enticing gallery of food photographs on her Instagram feed, regardless of how much you enjoy Asian cuisine or how infrequently you indulge. From Chinese chicken, Cantonese beef, five-spice salmon lettuce wraps, bitter melon stir fry, fluffy cauliflower rice, and even Malaysian monster cookies. After reading a few posts, you’ll be motivated to grab the pan and fry up those delectable Asian delicacies in your kitchen.

  1. Dennis Littley

Your go-to food blogging influencer is Dennis Littley if you want doable cooking inspiration. Those aesthetically pleasing, appealing displays are excellent for garnering likes in an Instagram-perfect world where food photos are the best. If you consider making them yourself, they can be scary. With Dennis, though, you’ll be incredibly eager and confident to prepare his delectable cuisine. He is a skilled chef who consistently produces simple and delectable restaurant-style meals. His sincerity will enchant you with every post, luring you into the kitchen to make that turkey noodle soup with the leftovers from Thanksgiving.

  1. Yumna (Feel Good Foodie)

Yumna, a well-known food influencer on Instagram, aims to make preparing healthy family meals simple and enjoyable. Everybody can easily prepare the various iterations of traditional Lebanese recipes that Yumna posts on Instagram. Drooling will start with just one glance at her food photographs, whether you desire it or not. She also provides advice, ingredients instruction, and apparatus suggestions.

  1. Ella Mills

The creator of Deliciously Ella and one of the most well-known food bloggers on Instagram is Ella Mills. She also runs a restaurant and beverage business that creates various delectable, all-natural food products made from plants. More than 700 delectable healthy recipes, fitness classes, wellness information, and much more are all available to subscribers of the Deliciously Ella website or mobile app.

  1. Gina Fontana

Gina is an expert in everything related to plant-based, vegan, low-sugar, and grain-free cuisine. She explains how to eat well and amply while still using essential ingredients. She is an accomplished author, professional health coach, and inspiring culinary influencer. Her Instagram page features a wonderfully curated feed full of meals in jewel and pastel tones that not only look beautiful but also help your body feel and look energetic. Her account is fascinating to check out and follow for the vibrancy it conveys.

  1. Anita (BreakfastNBowls)

Anita is a tremendously gifted food photographer as well as a recipe developer. BreakfastNBowls is the Instagram account she manages, and her talents are on full display here! While promoting healthy eating, she also offers guidance to other aspirants and entrepreneurs. Anita is a multifaceted creator with various insightful things to share online, and her Insta is unquestionably worth checking out and following. Anita wants to support and promote the growth of healthy eating practices among all people. She always uses essential ingredients and assists with providing allergy-friendly alternatives.

  1. Tieghan Gerard (Half Baked Harvest)

Half Baked Harvest is the brainchild and passion of Tieghan Gerard. All of her dishes are made with her appreciation of hearty, rustic flavors. She thinks you should appreciate organic food with lots of tastes in a balanced way rather than reducing your food intake. Tieghan is a best-selling writer, and Bloglovin’ named her food and lifestyle website the year’s Best Food Blog.

  1. Bianca Zapatka

Young food influencer Bianca Zapatka is highly passionate about plant-based and vegan cuisine that doesn’t skimp on flavor. She writes about food and has a blog with the same name. Additionally, she has written several vegan cookbooks, which are well-liked by her followers. Bianca is also well-known for her work as a culinary stylist and photographer. Bianca works with companies for many initiatives, including recipe development, product endorsements, freebies, and event support. 

  1. Gaby (What’s Gaby Cooking)

What’s Gaby Cooking is proud to be owned by Gaby. She works in the food industry, so it’s not just a hobby for her. After graduating from culinary school, Gaby works as a celebrity private chef. Gaby posts amazing meals and menus on her Instagram page that mums adore. She urges her followers to explore many straightforward, healthful, and easy-to-make culinary ideas. In addition to writing three cookbooks, Gaby has published her work in several prestigious periodicals.

  1. Rachel (Clean Food Crush)

Mother of four and fitness enthusiast Rachel. She is the creator of Clean Food Crush and a well-known Instagram influencer. She tells an enlightening tale of how, before having children, she led an unhealthy lifestyle and how switching to a nutritious diet has improved her quality of life. Rachel specializes in easy-to-make, delicious vegan foods that are devoid of sugar. In addition to food blogs, Rachel has written a few best-selling cookbooks.

These food enthusiasts with a sizable following on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are referred to as food influencers on Instagram. Their followers look to them for advice because they have a strong social media presence in the culinary industry. By producing high-quality content that makes a variety of outcomes for their clients, including brand works, community involvement, and new customers, these celebrities leverage their social media presence to promote the brands in their specified niche.

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