How Influencer Marketing Can Increase A Brand’s Visibility

“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” —  quoted by Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder; HubSpot, the saying stands true for brands in today’s digital era.


As per the records, the average screen time of people in India, according to stats for 2021, is 4.5 hours a day.

The numbers for screen time usage indicate that 18.75% of the time in a day is spent on smartphones by people looking for their favorite series, consuming content, shopping from the brands they love, and much more.

The reports also show that out of 100 percent, 81% of marketers who used influencer marketing for their business were surprised to see the results.

The 51% affirmed that influencer marketing results were outstanding, and 49% said that people look at influencers to make the buying decision related to a particular product or service.

The statistics tell how important it is for brands to make to buyer persona for their target audience to get the desired results.

Are you still wondering what influencer marketing is? How can it increase brand visibility for your brand? If yes, read the blog post to get all your questions answered and to make the maximum profits!

What do we mean by ” Influencer Marketing”?

Wait, it is not rocket science; instead, influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that includes endorsements of the brand’s product or service by the influencer.

We know your next question, “Who is an Influencer”?

An influencer is a person in your brand’s niche or market who predominates over the brand’s target audience. It has expertise regarding a particular subject and exceptional knowledge on the topic. Their presence in the market makes them the ideal fit for brand’s looking to upscale their visibility.

Patience is appreciated because we know the next question is, “How does influencer marketing boost brand visibility”?

The days had gone by when people used to rely on others to stay updated on what was happening across the globe.

We all belong to the generation of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

We all have our loved influencers whom we follow like anything!

Helps in reaching cutting-edge target audience!

When brands promote their product or service only to their socials, they are not reaching a wider audience. This is because they are catering only to the people who are their followers, and chances are that their followers might be from their corporate or family group who already knows about their brand.

The pictures turn grey when they introduce their brand to a new audience through an influencer. This gives the brands the liberty to spread their brand message to a new set of people in a manner they want to see.

This kind of marketing brings in new business leads and helps them convert an array of people.

Aiding brands to slide in the most trusted favorite of the customers!

Businesses or brands must be aware of proven customer retention methods, be it the existing customers or the prospect.

One of the methods is influencer marketing because studies show that 76% of internet users trust the product or service promoted by the influencer compared with the brand’s social media posts.

When your brand collaborates with an influencer, it is choosing greater visibility, gaining the audience’s trust, and getting into the list of credible customer brands.

Uplifts the sales!

The fact that the new generation looks at social media before making a purchase makes it essential for brands to have a robust online presence.

The studies show that 86% of women look for influencer recommendations for their purchases. On the other hand, 50% of them make the decision based on the posts done by influencers on their social handles.

The bigger picture for brands is clear they should give a shot at influencer marketing to uplift sales for their business.

For instance- We all now believe in taking good care of our health and hygiene. In such a scenario, if an upcoming health and wellness brand wants to establish a good image, it must consider collaborating with a famous health coach to spread awareness about the brand and its products.

The audience will connect at a deeper level to the influencer when compared to the brand.

Creating intriguing content!

Brands that create content that seems to resonate with their target group in collaboration with influencers give them excellent recall value and loyal customers.

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Influencer marketing not only attracts the right kind of audience to your business but also focuses on leveraging its power and helping organizations with quality leads that convert to real-time consumers.

This blog post covered how brands can increase their visibility through influencer marketing. After learning its importance, you might be looking for an agency to help you.

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