The Best Astrology Software To Use!

Astrology can be an intriguing subject. And therefore it is quite obvious that if you have made up your mind to get set started with it, then you would obviously you would need a good astrology software Leostar. If you are too confused to choose a good astrology software program from a huge variety available on the internet, we are here in making your search easier and simpler. Here are few quick and easy tips to get started with your search:

The Best Free Online Software at 

It is always a good idea to start your astrological journey by running free horoscope charts that are easily available on This software will make your astrology readings easy and simple. If you wish to learn vedic astrology, you can also get too many options available on the internet to choose from. In this astrology software of, you get the facility to easily run and save charts, and at the same time look at the birth chart as well as the planetary transits. With this amazing software you can just do about anything that you would be needing if you are just starting out with the astrology readings. This is a good astrological software to start your readings because with this you can start working on with the horoscope charts by yourself. Also you will also get to learn a bit more on your working style, its needs and what all kinds of features you might need in the future. Then after working on this astrological software, you will feel as ready to make a better choice for purchasing your first program.

The Best Free Chart Reading Software

Next in our list is, an online astrology software leostar and astro is best for running free and these birth charts can be easily found at What is best about this adtro software is that the design of the birth charts is super simple and elegant, and additionally the software is easy and comprehend to use. Although at the same time, you won’t get as many extended chart features as other related astrology websites, this vedic astrology website still has everything that you would probably need to get started with running charts on your own until you are yourself ready to purchase an advanced and more robust astrology software.

The Online Software of

We surely should not miss another most wonderful and amazing free online software option that can be easily found at Talking about this astrology website, it surely has the edge when it specifically comes to specialized birth reports and timing horoscope charts. Here in, you get the easy and simple facility to run your planetary transits, progressions, solar directions and solar arc returns. What is even better about this is that you can also get the reports on retrograde planets, lunar phases, combust planets and cazimi, astro cartography, and the list doesn’t even end here, there’s also an election astrology calculator that makes your astrology predictions even better. 

The Best Astrology Software for Your Computers & PC:

Win Star:

Topping our list in this category is win star which is a great choice for every type of PC users who are looking for a simple and easy design which is easier in user interface than compared to others in competition. Although it can also not be denied that it misses out the full feature sets of other good astrological software, but still it user interface wins over and it does include some features that other astrology programs don’t. One of its best feature is undoubtedly, the visual aspect viewer, which allows you to click on each planet in the planetary list, and also has the facility of highlighting the crucial and important aspects in the birth chart according to the orbs and standards that you have set. If you wish to learn vedic astrology, there are many good vedic astrology courses in India from where you can easily choose and get your degree.

Also, it is not being denied and neglected that Win star was one of the first and best software programs for astrologers, at it included easy access to some of the developer Michael Erle wine’s favourite techniques, that includes the “burn rate,” midpoints, and “Lilly’s strengths”.


Next in our top list is undoubtedly and most deserving, the Sirius astrology software. This astro software is one of the most robust and sturdy software available to astrologers till today. It could be your best fitted choice if you just want to research about the charts, as it has the entire range of Astro databank database as well as many other charts – you will be amazed to know last count was over 50,000 charts! 

Therefore, Sirius astrology software is a great choice if you are serious and passionate about kick starting with astrology.

The Best Astro Software for Apple Users:

Astro Gold

If you are looking for the best software option as a Mac user, then astro gold should be your ideal choice. It is under the top list because it is counted in one of the most well-designed astrology software with a easy and simple user interfaces among all of its competitive astro software options in the race. Also, it is known for being clean, easy and simple and additionally, it also has a smaller learning curve as compared to some of the most feature oriented options. One can say that Astro Gold has almost everything that most of the astrologers will ever need and that also includes the ability to easily add, read, transit and successful progression of bi wheels with just a single click or two.

Listed above are some of the most useful and trending astrology software and you may choose the one suitable as per your needs and desire at the moment. Also, there are many vedic astrology courses available online and you can choose the one that best fixes your need.

The development team is always adding new features, so it’s a great choice.

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