Tips To Groom Yourself – Everything From Head To Toe

Imagine you are proposing to your girlfriend and you just had a dish containing onion and garlic. We are sorry to say my dear friend, but your breath stinks and that’s a big NO-NO! At a special moment like this. Looking your best is always an add-on, making the special moment more memorable. 

In this post, we will share with you a few tips to groom yourselves and present the best version of you in the upcoming event; from tweezing your eyebrows & permanent hair removals to choosing the perfect outfit. Hang on!

Make your hair well

Starting from the top, your hair is always the priority. There is a reason behind saying that hair can make or break your looks. When you are getting ready for your special day, do not miss the basic steps like washing your hair, conditioning, applying serum and styling it. Don’t forget to set your hair if it’s a windy day. If you find all of this too hard to handle, consider a professional’s help.

Tweeze your eyebrows

Coming down, your eyebrows and eyes are the mirrors of the world and they need to be alluring. Even if you are a boy or a girl, eyebrows are significant to your looks. Girls prefer a crisp and neat eyebrow shape whereas boys can trim just extra hair to define their eye area. Believe us, trimming and tweezing your eyebrows can be the best thing you can do for your looks.

Shape your beard or mustache

Now coming solely to men, Your half of the face is covered with a beard and mustache and thus, is significant to your looks. If you are preparing to make an astounding entry and plan to surprise others with your looks, you can’t skip over your beard and mustache. Trim and shape them to give your face angles and define your features. 

Hair removals

Removing body hair can boost confidence significantly. So if you are planning for this event or a special day for a long time, get yourselves a permanent hair removal treatment. In case of a hurry, temporary hair removals are your best buddy. Get silky smooth skin along with a bundle of confidence and seize the day.

Skin Care

Coming to your skincare; your skin includes both, your face and body. When getting ready for the special day, take a soothing and relaxing shower to relax your nerves and make yourselves fresh & fragrant. Now moisturize your body with a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer. Next to your face, start with a toner that best suits you, apply hydrating serum, moisturize and follow with makeup. 

Writer’s advice: 

  • Do not experiment with products or your makeup skills on your special day. You would not want things going unexpectedly bad this day. 
  • Additionally, when applying makeup, keep in mind the occasion. If it’s a brunch meeting, we advise simple and natural makeup.

Prepare everything before the event

Deciding on an outfit for the event but missing small details like a brooch or matching accessories can be devastating. So whenever you shop, make sure your outfit and other small things, accessories, and shoes are ready and tried out before the event. Planning beforehand will give you time to prevent little mishaps and you will be saved from ruining the special day. 

Body and oral hygiene

We do not know how to say this, but all your efforts are in vain if your body and oral hygiene lag behind. You can start by brushing your teeth, using a mouth freshener or mouth spray. And for your body, use a nice body wash and apply deodorant when stepping out. Nothing can beat the significance of this point and you should not avoid it, no matter what.

Bonus Tip:

We advise you to sleep well before the day of your event or looking like a panda would be your worst nightmare. Also, don’t be late so that you can grasp a hold of yourself and other things.

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