Roof repair in Capital Federal

Welcome to Servitechos

We are a recognized company in the field, attended by its owners. We provide excellent service in maintenance, repair of awnings, roofs and sheets.

We are professionals specialized in laying membranes and roof repair. We have experience of more than 40 years of service.

Estimates without obligation and free of charge.

Additional services

Repairs and extensions of masonry in general, arrangements in general, dry construction, Durlock plate and anti-humidity plate.

Interior and exterior painting, plumbing in general for sanitary installations and electricity in comprehensive services.

Registered gas users: Authorization due to supply cutoff, management plans and presentation to related entities and leak detection.

Installation of air conditioning and work on plans.

Roof replacements in Houston are one of the largest investments a homeowner can make, but they are necessary if the roof cannot be reliably repaired. That is why Roof Repair on time is very important. Preventative roof maintenance and repairs can help maintain a useful life of several years and even save you money and time.

At Roofers Supreme LLC, our philosophy is to help our customers ensure that their roofs receive the best and timely repairs and maintenance. Our team of installers can help and in turn ensure that your roof will last for several years without the need for a short-term replacement.

Choose A Certified Roofing Contractor

Today it is not difficult to find a roofing company, but do you trust the company? Sure there are dozens of self-proclaimed and certified contractors out there who will repair your roof, but is their expertise proven?

Our roof repair service is licensed, certified and experienced. In addition, our professional insurance is always up to date, which guarantees that all the people for whom we install the roofs will always be protected. That is why we are often the preferred company of many homeowners due to the trust we provide and above all the security for families in their homes.

Does your wooden or concrete ceiling need to be restored?

Is your roof in such poor condition that everything that lands on it is transmitted?

Does your wooden or concrete ceiling need restoration?

Do you want a good installation of your roof?

Do you want quotes at a good price and with good quality?   

Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in construction.

Installing, replacing, inspecting or repairing roof coverings can be risky activities if proper practices for this type of work are not followed, so play it safe and let the professionals do it for you. And don’t listen to people who tell you that you can do it yourself. Do not risk your money, and most importantly your life or that of your family.

About GSM Roofing

We are a company with many years of experience. We have always provided roof repair and installation services. Our main objective is the total satisfaction of all our customers with the services we offer, and we always have very affordable prices. 

What we offer you:

Work with the best materials on the market

Guarantee and total satisfaction of all our services

Competitive prices

All types of repairs and remodeling

Zero leaks on your property

Comprehensive review of the condition of your roof

Professional inspection in order to rule out problems of any kind

You will work with professionals with experience in repairing concrete or wood ceilings.

Roof Repair Service

Repair of all types of roofs

At jmn we stand out for fixing roofs and having a wide range of Roof Repair services with the highest quality standards. Our team of professionals is oriented to provide concrete solutions to each requirement in an easy and simple way, integrating the client in the different solution alternatives.

All our roofing services and work are guaranteed and we make sure to deliver a first class service throughout the work process.

25 years of experience in Roof Repair throughout Chile

If what you need is to repair a roof in poor condition, whether it is your home, company or institution, we offer you a complete service to carry out this type of roof repair. We have various alternatives to solve the problems that are generated in the roofs.

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